Summer Vacation – Time to be Safe!

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Do you remember all of the “Summer” songs that were so popular when we were growing up?  How many can you name?

Well, there’s the famous “Summertime” when the living was supposed to be “easy”.  “Summertime Blues”, “See you in September”, “Dancing in the Streets”, that favorite song from GREASE, “Summer Nights”, and so many more!

Summer…school’s out and the kids that are not indoors on their iPads, are running around in the street, in a pool or at the beach cooling off!

Summer vacation should be fun but, for many it means injury or worse!

So, today, we are teaming up with Safety First Protection Products to bring you some information on how to make this summer safer for you, your kids, and grandkids!

The biggest danger for every child is water!  No matter where it is located, the pool at home or in the community, at a hotel, the danger is there!  At the crowded beach, where many times it is happening right in front of us and we are not aware of what’s going on!

So far this year (2018), Texas has reported that 28 children have died by drowning!  Yes, you read right…28!  To think that community pools just opened for the summer during the Memorial Day week-end!  That number is, unfortunately, going to skyrocket before the Labor Day week-end.  Please note that this is for Texas alone!

In 2017, Florida led the nation in child drownings…51!  This tragedy mostly happened right at home!  Yes, in that family pool in the backyard! 41 (80%) of these drownings were between the ages of 1-4 yrs. old!

Safety First Protection Products is offering a special 20% discount to pool owners on its’  Pool Protector Alarm which detects anything or anybody falling into an unsupervised pool and sounding an alarm in the home for prompt response!

Drowning is the #1 cause of death of children between the ages of 1-15 in the U.S. !!

You can help prevent this from happening in your pool! Don’t expose your child or grandchild to this danger.

Our suggestion is to TEACH YOUR CHILD/GRANDCHILD HOW TO SWIM!!  Enroll them in swimming classes at the local “Y” or local organization.  But, if not possible, please check out the Pool Protector Alarm  



Go to or click on the hyperlinks above and use the discount code: Friend  when ordering for your discount!  This just might save you and yours from a distressing situation.

What is a child’s life worth to you? Remember, that there are adults that do not know how to swim, as well!

Take care and BE SAFE!

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“The Heat is On!”

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No, the title of this posting is not referring to the song by Glen Frey!  It refers to the situation that we find ourselves in today here, there and everywhere!

As you, definitely, have heard or read, Santa Fe, a small town south of Houston, was struck with the tragedy of a High School shooting spree that left 8 students and 2 teachers dead.  Senseless…no matter what excuse or motive is revealed.

It is certainly a “Hot” topic here in Texas, now!

How many people has this affected, you ask?  How about parents, siblings, grandparents, family members, friends, classmates of the students, and the community in general?  Now, apparently, we need to protect our children and grandchildren, not only on the street but, within the classroom, as well!

We never had to worry about situations like this when we went to school.  But, today,  technology has taken our grandchildren to another “place”.  There are no video games today that do not include shooting at something!  Be it an enemy, an alien, a 3-eyed monster or a robot of some sort. Heck, the most violent video game I came across in the 90’s was Pac Man, eating all the ghosts!

IPads and iPhones have become the babysitter and companion of the day! Some can’t even put them down while eating at a restaurant with their family! Is this the culprit?

So, should we blame technology or maybe, just maybe, a bit of the blame should fall on parents and grandparents?  There are so many questions with so many answers. Can we come up with a solution? I sure hope we can, because I dread the thought of something happening to my granddaughters just because some guy or girl got their hands on daddy’s weapon and decided to “get even” with something or someone at school!

If our kids don’t talk to their kids on this subject, should we start the conversation?  Think about it!  Sometimes grandparents or other relatives can be that release valve that the kids need.  An ear to listen to what they have to say…

Finally, if you have guns and kids at home, lock either one of them up!  Your choice!

Note: More kids have been killed in schools since 2016 than our U. S. soldiers in war zones!  Now, that is scary!

As always, your opinions and comments are always welcomed and appreciated!

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It’s been tough!

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As you probably know, during the last week or so, I’ve been attempting to find a place for my mom to “reside” nearer to my brother and I, in Katy, TX

So, I started reading all the offerings of the different companies that offer “Assisted Living” or “Independent Living” and all the other “Livings” that one can imagine.  They all offer “community” environments to their renters which, really means, individual apartment living.  This included, a common dining area,3 meals a day, library, hair salon, theatre room, recreational room (for bingo) and physical “well-being” room (gym).

The apartment, although small in size, is a one bedroom with a kitchen, living room, cable TV and one of those “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” communication systems!  You provide all of the furnishings!

Very nice and neat!

Ok, so now I ask, how much for all of this?   He replied, “Only $3000.00 a month!”  (Like a used car salesman giving me a great deal!)

Well, needless to say, that mom’s monthly income is only about 25% of that! And who is going to come up with the rest?  You guessed it!

And that was just the start of other visits to Community Living and Private Living homes and such!  Basically, all in the same price range!  Two persons to a room and up to 3 persons in a small room.

I’m not going to stretch this out but say, that it has been tough attempting to find a decent place for mom.  To the point that, my sister has decided to keep mom in her home  in the Harvey demolished  town of Rockport, Texas.  There, she will feel “at home” and be happy living with family.

A word to the wise: Start planning your future cash reserve, in case you might find yourself in a similar situation.  Getting older is not the hardest part, since you have no control over that but, living during those years can be a burden to you and to your family as well.  Give it some thought!

That’s it!  Take care and BE SAFE!  Remember that all of your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Here we are…

Hi friends!  Welcome back to “The Over 50 Corner”!

Sorry for the delay in posting this last week but, you will know real soon the reason why,

My 92 year old mom has been staying with M. and I while my sister has been out of town, which brings us to the reason why this posting is late!

Bright and early Sunday morning, we had to take her to the hospital emergency room due to strange symptoms that are not considered normal and…we are still here!

Not wanting to take your time, it turned out to be a bleeding ulcer!

It may sound harsh but, my siblings and I have been considering finding a place, that some would call a nursing home or assisted living or rehabilitation or whatever you choose.  What we didn’t know, was the “qualifications” needed to be admitted, if covered by the insurance companies or the cost if not covered!

Well, let me tell you, it’s NOT cheap!

I know that some of you have had this experience of having a parent living in one of these establishments so, you probably know what I am talking about! So, what are we to do? Medicare and Medicaid are such confusing words! I guess this is the time to start learning what they can or can’t do as we just might need them some day in the future!

Note: In an attempt to have her admitted to a physical rehab establishment just went down the tubes as the hospital Physical therapist tested her and informed that no therapy was needed and that a doctor’s order would, most likely, would not be issued.

Our search now begins for a new “home” for mom.

So, here we are!

Thanks for taking the time in reading this posting!  Remember, your comments and suggestions are always appreciated, especially now!

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Why only us?

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I must admit…I would not have thought to be the recipient of so many comments on “My Parent’s Keeper” posting. Most of them came through Facebook but, had a few come through on the posting page. So, if you are interested in other’s experiences, click on “comments” at the top of the page.  Thanks to all who contributed!

Now to the topic at hand…If you have watched any TV lately, even if for only a half hour, you probably have seen one or more commercials for any number of specialized drugs. They are constantly running all day long no matter what station you are watching.

Do you have aching joints? There’s something for that!  C.O.P.D? Gotcha! Colitis? That too! All the way from ingrown toenails to, and God forbid, lung cancer! Yep, that’s covered, as well!  Want to live longer? I guess you will have to watch TV to find out how.

But that’s not my point!  My question is, why only us?  Why do they only show folks in our age group as being the victims of all these diseases? Isn’t there anyone under 50 who may be a “victim” of any of these maladies?  Apparently, not!  If they are, they are royally out of luck!  No cure for you!

Is this an advertising ploy to have you and me rushing to our doctor’s office and announcing the good news of a cure for what we may think is ailing us, that we just saw during the Dr. Phil show?  (This was probably a run on sentence for sure but, who cares!)

But, wait!

Did you hear all of the possible side affects that these cures might provoke? Lord have Mercy!  Headaches, nausea, light headiness, internal bleeding, possible stroke, diarrhea, constipation, tuberculosis and even suicidal tendencies!  Heck, if I had all of that, I would consider killing myself, too!  The damn cure is worse than the disease!

Not surprising, as well, is that in almost every commercial there are younger people to indicate that the message is for the older one in the picture! Parent and child or grandparent with grandchild is always a fixture.  Take this and be there when they rebel against you!  (Only kidding!)

Oh, and just to make a point, the music they are playing dates back to the 70’s !

Of course, not to omit, should you want glowing skin…eat prunes!

I really don’t know if, at this time in my life, I am getting a bit particular on how our age group in being portrayed. As my wife constantly says, “It’s hell getting old!”

Well, gotta go!  I feel something coming on and I guess the cure for it will be shown during the local weather or traffic report!

Thanks for putting up with this!  Hope to see you again, right here at “The Over 50 Corner”.

Keep sending in your comments and suggestions, they are great!

Take care and BE SAFE!





My Parent’s Keeper!

Hello again friends!  Welcome back to “The Over 50 Corner!”

This week’s topic hits close to home for me…for others, right smack in the middle of their living room!

Are you…were you…or are you planning on being your “Mother’s/Father’s keeper?”

Well, if you are in our “Senior” age group, you may be taking on the responsibility of caring for your elderly parent in your own home.  A loving and sacrificial task, or burden, that you have decided to take on.  For this, you should be commended.

My mother, who is 92 years old, lives with my sister and brother-in-law and has done so for the last 15 or so years!  God bless them for this as I could not have done so.  I believe that 15 years ago, when mom was in her late 70’s, living with her was not the same situation that it has become today.  She was self-sufficient and the only reason that she moved in with my sister was that the rent on her apartment was no longer affordable.

But again, that was 15 years ago.  Today, the medical calamities are almost an everyday happening.  The doctor visits are constant and the head knocking between her and my sister are a daily routine. This, of course, is taking a mental toll on both of them!

Forgetfulness, hearing loss, a generation gap, fear of being alone yet, wanting to be left alone, all contribute to this domestic chaos.

Each one complains about the other when not in their company!

This is not mentioning what my brother-in-law is having to live through!

Having a parent living with you in this time of their lives puts everyone in the household in an unenviable position. Lives and marriages are vulnerable!  Patience is definitely, a virtue!

So, to those of you who have taken on this task, I do not envy you but, do admire you!  To those who have done so in the past, as I know a few whose parent has since passed away, even in your grief, you may have regained your own life back! Be proud of yourself for what you did! And for those who are considering it, please consult with someone who has been in your position before making your final decision.

I know that commercial “assisted living” or “nursing” homes are expensive and there might not be another choice but, if there is, research, soul searching and serious considerations are tasks to be done before your decision is made.

Although she may not read this, a big “Thank You” to my sister and brother-in-law for their compassion, love and sacrifice.  And, to you the parent caregiver, although you may not be acknowledged by your parent, a well deserved “Thank You” on their behalf!

Take care and hope to see you next time at “The Over 50 Corner.”

Again, I appreciate your comments and opinions on this blog.  What do YOU think?





“Sure…We’ll do it!”

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Let me start by asking you…how long did it take you to have an “empty nest” at home?  No, having a child in college that slept at home every weekend or holiday doesn’t count!  I mean, really having the house all to yourselves every day and night of the week.  Do you enjoy the new found freedom of, like my daughter used to say, “having a life?”

If you do, here’s another question…how many of you are now grandparents?

It seems to me, now don’t take this personally, but, how many of you are asked…”mom, dad, can you take care of the kids on Saturday night or the week-end while we (the parents) go out and have fun?”

I would tend to bet my mortgage that most of you would say, “Sure,…we’ll do it!”

You would then put your plans aside and gladly watch over your grandchildren. (I did say “gladly”!)

Maybe we will just feel bad if we say, ” Sorry, we have plans for this weekend” and keep quiet or maybe our kids just think that we can’t go out and have a good time for ourselves. We just might want to be spending a quiet evening at home and watching that movie we’ve been wanting to see.

I know that M. and I, as parents of 2 young children, did not have much of a “social” life until the day that they were both in college. (We actually had to put a stop to their coming home every weekend to “hang out” with their high school friends.)  Maybe it was because we preferred it that way or because we didn’t want to impose on my, then aging, parents. (Then aging?  Heck, I’m there NOW!)

I may be venting a bit but, there are times that I invite friends to get together somewhere for dinner and drinks and get the response, “sorry, we are baby sitting our grandkids, (again)!” I just feel that the generation of today has a different DNA than ours and want to enjoy their youth before it runs out!

So, as our children have their whole lives ahead of them, let us take advantage of the time we have, to say, ” I would love to…but, we have plans! Maybe, next time!”

That’s it!  Would love to hear your comments on this or any other of my postings.  So, let me know how you feel.  Again, thanks for your readership and let others know about this bad habit you’re forming by sharing it with them.

Take care and see you next time at “The Over 50 Corner”.