Welcome to “The Over 50 Corner” !

Well hello friends!

As the title says, Welcome to my new blog created for those of us that have the honor and distinction of being members of  the “Over 50” club!

This blog, I hope, will not only be informative but, also be a source of tidbits that might be of interest to all of us that are entering into another phase of our lives. (Our second childhood!).  Emphasis will be on providing you, the reader, some info on what may be available to us to make our lives a bit easier or maybe a recommendation of a movie or just a humorous story you may be able to share.  Of course, there will be a serious tone on subjects that need our attention but, I will try to make it as light as I can.

Just so you get to know me a bit, my name is Fred and live in the not-so-small town of Katy, Texas.  I now am retired after having worked for a corporate aviation service company for 23 years. Being married to Maggie for 42 years, we feel that we have passed the rough initial years of living together, having 2 great kids along with 2 fantastically crazy granddaughters, we are considering maintaining the relationship just to see if it has any future.  With my job I have had the opportunity to travel throughout Mexico, Central and South America and I feel I can provide some tourist info to anyone wanting to visit to this part of the world.  I am also completely bilingual in English and Spanish.  Ok, that’s enough for now!

Being retired, I have noticed that our age group, at times, is not being informed of what is available to us or just little things that really could help us out that do not occur to us.  I have read quite a few books and magazines that contain information that should be shared and that could possibly help us all out. Having the granddaughters, Maggie and I are always looking for places we can take them to at a price that won’t break us.  I might even make the blog into small segments on different topics so you can pick and chose what interests you..we’ll see.

With that said…Let me provide you with my first suggestion:  If you are over the age of 50 and have not signed up to be an AARP member, (for whatever reason…ego or the fear of realization that you are over 50), go ahead, sign up and get your AARP card.

Why?  Well, this organization has as its purpose, the well-being of our age group and the protection of the benefits that we have worked for the last xxx years!  Also, by showing your membership card you can get discounts at various restaurants and establishments!

For instance:  Denny’s –  15% discount on entire bill, (they have a Senior menu along with a special 2-4-6-8 dollar special offer!  Ask me how I know!) The Outback – 15% discount on food.  Carrabas – 15% discount on food,  Hyatt Hotels – discount up to 60% (over the age of 62) and many others.  Senior discounts are abound, as well:  Pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart & Target. Who is up for a free cup of coffee? Try your luck at  Chic-fil-A, Whataburger and Burger King. (Check with your pharmacy or establishment as policies might change without notice.)

If you are retired, as I am, many movie theatre chains have additional special discounts for showings on specific days and at certain times and not the usual Senior Citizen discount offered everyday. Note: We just went to the movies to see La La Land in a theatre with those luxury reclining seats!!  The movie was ok…but, I almost dozed off in that comfortable recliner while listening to the music.  All I needed was my pillow and “Good Night”!  You have been warned!

More and more establishments are gearing towards offering our age group discounts in order to get our business!  Could it be that we, the baby boomers,  are the largest group out there? Don’t be afraid to ask about their “senior” discount policies!  You may be surprised!

Well, I’ve tried to keep this first posting short and sweet, I hope you will see what my intention of starting this blog is.  I hope you will return as the postings will be, at least, once a week.  I promise I will not get into any discussion on politics or religion, as I have my opinions and you have yours (and we will keep it that way).

If you have a question or topic you would like me to look into for you, please let me know. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll research it for you!

Take care and please tell your neighbors about the blog.

Your suggestions and comments are always welcomed!  Would appreciate  hearing from you!

Hope to see you again soon!  Take care…!!





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