Time and Money…Yours or theirs?

Welcome back to “The Over 50 Corner”!!

I am really surprised at the  amount of nice comments received on my initial posting!  Thanks to all of you who took the time to read it and thanks again to all those who took the time to submit their comments to me on Facebook. It is really appreciated!  It would be really great if you would”share” the blog with all of your other friends on Facebook to get the word outside of our FB family.  Thanks again!

The title of the blog…Life is all about time! Unfortunately, life without money is no life at all!  We earn it, we spend it and we lose it! It’s your decision.


Ok, now, here is something you might not have known…for those who are 60 + yrs old; if you were born between 1943 and 1954 (as many of my friends were), the full retirement age, for those still on-the-job, is 66!. But, if you were born in 1955 because: 1) Your parents were still in high school  2) your parents wanted to wait because they saw how your older brother or sister turned out or  3) they were not very amorous… you will have to wait an extra 2 months for the full retirement age. This same increase will continue each year, reaching 67 years if you were born in 1960 or later. Note: The facts from AARP, the comments are mine!!


It’s tax season folks!  Yep, and a lot of our senior citizens, especially those who are really seniors (and you know who you are), are targets and possible victims of the annual IRS scams. Be careful not to fall for this and know that:

  1. The IRS sends all notices by U.S. Postal service. Not by phone or emails!
  2. The IRS does not initiate calls demanding payment by credit card or any other means.
  3. If you receive a call asking for payment, hang up!!  If you have any doubts about your account with the IRS, call them at 1-800-829-1040.

Other scams to watch out for:  Government Grants (I get calls about this, No Interest! Don’t have to pay it back!, etc.), work from home (upfront costs), inheritance from a long lost relative (upfront “good will” money), send you a large amount check for deposit and you send back a service fee charge. Their check is no good but, yours is… and now you’re out some cash!


Ah, yes…friends.  At this time of our lives, acquaintances are many but, our real friends are few. Now, I’m not referring to “friends” on Facebook, which to tell you the truth, in real life they are great people but, give them a phone and a chance to send everyone else’s garbage to you…forget it!  So, if by any chance you receive a “like” message or comment from me on one of your postings, you are a friend, indeed!

The friends I am referring to, are those that spending time with over a beer, at dinner or even on the golf course is an enjoyable moment and time well spent!  Then again, there are these same friends that if YOU don’t contact them, they don’t get in touch with you.  But, swallow your pride and get in touch with those folks you care about. Get together and spend some quality time with them, you’ll be glad you did!  Surprisingly enough, they’ll feel the same way too!  So, here’s your homework…call that someone today and set it up!


Before I say, so long…if you have the chance, think about seeing the JERSEY BOYS stage show when it comes to a theatre near you. It’s the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons from New Jersey on how they got started and their trials and tribulations of stardom!  The music is great and the acting is above average. If you like their music, you’ll really enjoy reminiscing!  You can thank me later!

Again, thanks for your time and your comments. They are greatly appreciated!

“You’re just too good to be true!”

That’s it for now!  Take care and join me next time at “The Over 50 Corner” !!









One thought on “Time and Money…Yours or theirs?

  1. Mi querido Fred me sorprendió cuando vi tu blog, y me sorprendió mas leerlo, y te digo mas me agrado la manera de tu redacción, así que cuentas con un seguidor, por esto y por muchas cosas mas le doy gracias a Dios y a la vida la oportunidad de ser tu amigo….un Abrazo nos vemos pronto.

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