The Class Reunion aka “Who are you”?

Hello again friends!  Nice to see you again!!

Well, my niece, who is graduating this May, is already getting her dress ready for her Senior Prom!  Do you remember yours?  Ok, close your eyes for a few moments and think back…how was it? Did you have a date? Was it your boyfriend or girl friend? STOP reading and think!!!

Sorry, I can’t help you because I didn’t go to mine!  Small class and we always hung out together so, really not worth the trouble or expense!  We all just went to the beach and had our own party!

Back to you…What was the conversation on that “memorable” night?  Are you going to college? If so. where and what are you going to major in?  If not…are you going to get a job?  What about your boy/girlfriend? Going into the Armed Forces?  Are you crazy or what?

Fast forward to your 10th or 20th Class Reunion…the topics of conversation probably have changed to…Did you get married? Do you have any kids? How many? Do you have any pictures?  Divorced??!!  Sorry.  Re-married?  Hope it works out!  The class Nerd is in jail for what??!! Also heard, “…did you know that (insert name) became a (insert whatever comes to mind)?”  Note: The previous “whatever” should not be a good “whatever”.

Ok, now to the 40+ reunion…and here’s a true story.  My wife had not attended any class reunions up to now so, before going to her 45th, she went to her year book in an attempt to memorize names to faces (or vice-versa) of those she hadn’t seen or communicated with for all these years. Key word here is “seen”. To keep this short, boy, was she glad that everyone had name tags!!!! There were those that thought that everyone would remember them and didn’t wear theirs and had to answer the question, ” who are you?”  The cute guys weren’t so cute, the jocks were really out of shape for any sport, including checkers!  The “hot” girls were not anymore and only a select few were worthy of a second glance, (My wife included, of course.) and there was so much glare emitting from bald heads that they had to turn down the lights a bit! Note: Since I didn’t know anyone anyway, I just made friends with the bartender!

Of course, the topics of conversation were mostly, are you retired? How many grandchildren do you have? Followed by the customary, do you have any photos (on your phone)?  Divorced?? (not again!)  Remarried? How many times?  Are you crazy or what? Living with your 85 year old mother? Is she crazy or what?

The main difference now is that after showing class photos of “Then and Now”, it’s followed up by a section of “In Memoriam” and “…he’s still in jail!!??”  Another major difference is that the drugs that were used back then, have been replaced by High blood pressure and Cholesterol medications.

The band played 70’s and 80;s party songs that are still played today. I imagine that those on the dance floor that don’t have rhythm now, sure didn’t then, either!  (Especially the guys!) The event was a definite opportunity to get smashed! Many thanks to Al, the bartender, in his attempt to grant this wish of mine!

Anyway, I sincerely hope that you enjoyed your prom as well as your XXth class reunion!

And now the question heard at the end of the night…”Will you come to the next one?”

That’s it!  Hope you join me again to see what’s going on, next time at “The Over 50 Corner”.

Take Care… Fred





One thought on “The Class Reunion aka “Who are you”?

  1. Another great article! Went to my 50th last June and did not see one person that I wanted to see ! Sure I saw a lot of acquaintances, but my good buds did not show up, I was very disappointed!


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