Love those Grand kids!

Welcome back to our little corner of the world!

One good thing about being retired (not old, just retired) is that you can take the time off whenever you want…so, Maggie and I did!  We just took a little jaunt to Nashville, Tennessee to see the sights and absorb some country music by those “up and coming” singers and composers!  But, I’ll tell you about that on another post.

Ok, now to the topic at hand…grandkids!

I can tell you that Maggie and I have two fantastic granddaughters ages 12 and 7,  C. is the older of the two and A. will be 8 in June. They are at that age where they are easy to “baby” sit as they really don’t do anything they are not supposed to do. This is something that I believe may change a bit as they grow older. I say this because their mom, our daughter, was a handful during this time period so, they do have someone to take after.  But yet, I find that they long for the attention only their grandparents can give them, especially when you don’t get to see and be with them that often. Which brings me to the following question or better yet, to wonder…why are there those grandparents that once retired insist on taking care of their kid’s kids on a daily basis?

Now, don’t get me wrong…I am not criticizing those of you who are doing this, only curious.  We work, for lord knows, how many years with hopes of retirement and then we create a 2nd career for ourselves of child raising all over again. But, I am for anything that makes you happy at this time in your life so, if that is your choice, enjoy!

Now, even if we do or don’t, do you find that we take care of these children with much more tenderness, compassion and even love than we raised our own?  Why is that?  Is it because they are “on loan” and we have to give them back to their parents at the end of the day?  Are we as strict with them as we were with our own or do we let things slide a bit?  Well, there are rules to be followed whether it’s their home or yours but, if mom says,” no sweets” or ” put them to bed by 7:00″,  what really happens under grandmom’s care?  If you are like Maggie and me, it is… “sorry, I didn’t hear that!”

One thing that I believe we all can agree on is: where is all the energy we had when we raised our kids? We had 2 kids and never were so tired yet, as well behaved as the girls are, we are energy drained by their “supposed” bedtime!  I guess that is why the Good Lord  gives babies to the young and not to those our age.  Hallelujah!

Ahhh, but there is nothing like getting a warm and embracing hug from that grandkid, is there? (You don’t have to answer that!)  Question…why couldn’t we have the grandkids before having our own?  Enjoy them today because, like kittens grow into cats and puppies into dogs, the young grandchildren will turn into teenagers and then what?  I will soon find out and let you know!  If you have already gone through that, drop me a line at and let me know.  I need all the advice and warning I can get!!

Now, do you remember who told you that…

  • Swimming after eating will give you cramps and you’ll drown?
  • Going out with your hair wet will make you catch a cold?
  • Eating too much chocolate will give you zits?
  • Barking dogs or those that wag their tail, don’t bite?
  • And god forbid…having sex standing up will prevent pregnancy?

Were we that gullible or did the advice giver actually believe it as well?

What other “old wives tales” where you brought up with?

Ok, before I say “hasta luego”, I have received an extensive list of senior discount givers and I do mean extensive!  If you would like a copy, I will gladly send it to you!  Just send me an email to requesting it and I’ll send it right out! Your info is confidential and will NOT be shared!

Hope to see you next time at The Over 50 Corner!

Note: Please remember that your comments are greatly welcomed and will help me provide a more entertaining blog.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy it and are letting your friends know about it!

Thanks and Take Care!  Fred





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