What the …. ?

Hello everyone!

I sincerely apologize, to those who have been so kind to read my blog, for the delay in posting this one.

There is a good reason, and it’s not an excuse, that this has happened!

The other day, I was ready to sit down at the computer and write to you about this or that when, as I turned on the computer, I was greeted by a strange message on the screen!  Had I been hacked? This is not my home page!!!  What is this staring back at me??  …and it’s smiling!!  What the…???

The message said, “Welcome to Windows 10!”  I responded, “Windows what??!!” “Cut the crap and give me my computer back!”

Where’s my Yahoo home page?  Where’s my internet?  Where are my “Favorites?  Where, where, where?  Who did this to me?  Boy, now I am royally mad! (actually feeling was “pissed” but, I decided to clean it up a bit.).  I can’t find a thing!  I’m hitting buttons, clicking on this and then on that, knowing that at any moment either I find something I can recognize or this damn machine is going to blow up right here and right now!

After a half hour of despair, I walked away feeling slightly defeated by technology but resolved to come back and try again when my blood pressure came down a bit…and then it struck me!  I have a laptop, which I really don’t care for as my hands are not comfortable with this flat keyboard,  so anyway, on my laptop I go. It hasn’t been found by this Windows 10 thing!  Onto, Microsoft help.  Maybe they’ll tell me, what the heck to do, ’cause I haven’t a clue!

After spending 15 minutes typing away and explaining my situation to someone who is probably in Mumbai or somewhere on the other side of the world, they want a $5.00, now get this, a GOOD FAITH deposit!  It felt more like a ransom!  You’ve already got my computer with your Windows 10, now you want my money too??!!  What the…?   “Stick it!”  I said a bunch more than that but, I’ll leave that up to your imagination!

I kept at it and I am proud to say that, I have “learned” enough by trial and a bunch of errors to be able to get back to you!

That’s my story!  The scary part of it all is…I’ve been told that there is a Windows 11 that may pop up at a time when I least expect it!  What the…?

Oh well…modern technology at it’s best!

Recommendation:  If you haven’t already, find the time to see the movie “Going In Style”!  It’s about 3 friends who are retired but, getting the shaft from the “system”. A great comedy based on life as a senior.  You can thank me later!  (Remember to go on Senior Day and get your discounted ticket.)

See you REAL SOON, on The Over 50 Corner!

Take care,


Ps. Any ideas on how to learn this Windows 10 thing?  I’m still lost!





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