What do I do now?

Good Day and welcome back to my little corner of the world!

Just to let you know that my wife is returning from Miami today after spending 2 weeks with her mom.  So, this morning I have gone around the house putting things were they are supposed to be from the place they were just a few minutes ago. Going from kitchen to TV room, to bedroom, etc…making sure that there are no last minute “oops” when she walks in the house.  Ok, did 2 walk throughs and all looks fine!

But, the subject of this blog causes a lot of concern of those in our age group that are getting ready to retire or have done so already.

The question that I am asked continuously by folks still on the job is…”what do you do with so much time on your hands?”  I don’t know if they really want to know or if they ask to get an idea of what they should do when they retire.  They think I play golf 5 times a week!  Are you kidding me?  Do you know how much this little game costs?  Not on my salary! (If I had one!)  Yet, it is really a serious concern for those looking to the future.

Some tell me, “I don’t have a hobby.” or “I only know what I do on the job.”  What do you reply to that?

Well, watching TV all day is not the answer, especially with all the crappy shows during daytime hours. Can’t take Judge Judy after 5 minutes of her pushing people around, Dr. Phil’s show depresses the hell out of me and I can’t stand soaps or novelas! So, I look in and around the house, no, not cleaning or picking up this time, but, checking to see what is need of change or repair.  Just this last week, I changed the porch light, mowed the lawn (saving $30 a week), re-painted the patio furniture, played golf on Wednesday and started painting the deck just to name a few things.  I kept myself busy doing these odds and ends. Maggie has me on a special wood project that I am in the midst of and when finished, I will let you know how it ended up!

As I am not the type to volunteer for things, (last time I volunteered for anything, they gave me a uniform, boots and a rifle!) but, there are hospitals that need folks that are caring, young kids in schools that need a mentor 1 or 2 times a week and even those that can take advantage of your knowledge at what you do or did on the job! The local pet rescue organization is always looking for help.   Just this Sunday, my church was requesting volunteers to help with Friday nite Bingo!  (You know how much Catholics love Bingo!) I’m not too good at letters or numbers so, I’m out!

Don’t have a hobby? Start one!  Maybe photography? You don’t need a camera if you have a phone…go to a park, let your imagination run wild! Kids playing, birds flying and even a stinkin’ squirrel might be around. Your grandkids make for fantastic subjects!  Music? Learn how to play an instrument. (guitar is on my bucket list). Please, nothing too noisy to bother the neighbors or drive your spouse to throw knives at you!  Planning a trip to Europe?  Learn some conversational Spanish, Italian or French (German is too damn hard) for that trip. A good friend of mine started oil painting on canvas as an art. He says it relaxes him. He’s not a Picasso, I take that back if you’ve seen a Picasso but, he sticks with it!

Please don’t start your hobby with power tools!!!  Do you eat? Try cooking a simple recipe that you haven’t tried before.  (Try it first before inviting guests!)

So, in answer to the question, “What do I do now?”  The skies the limit!  Just let it be fun! But, do not waste the rest of your life doing NADA!  Heck, start a blog on whatever interests you,  I did!  Whether it is read or not, by many or a handful, it keeps my mind busy and I get to talk to YOU!!

Well friends, that’s it for now!  Please let me know what you think of the blog and it’s subjects!  This is for you!  If you like it, share it!  If you don’t like it, share it anyway! Let others in on your miseries!

See you again at “The Over 50 Corner”.  Hope you’ll come back!

Take care…





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