…should I stay or should I go?

Hello again friends!!

Hope all are doing well and had a good week-end.

Many of you, like Maggie and myself, may have friends or co-workers that may have recently retired.  What surprises me is that quite a few of them have decided to have a change of address now,  that they no longer have to be near their place of employ.

Deciding where you want to spend, possibly, the rest of you life can be a difficult decision so, spending a bit of time thinking about it might be a wise thing to do.  Especially if changing zip codes is the major part of it!

What will you be gaining on the moving or, better yet, what will you be losing?  Friends, local organization you may belong to, places you frequent, like restaurants, theatres, museums, your place of worship and importantly, your regular doctors are all to be considered.

Moving nearer to your children (or grandchildren), to a small community away from the big city, to that summer place near the lake, to the mountains, to the beach or just getting an RV and spending each night in a different area code are all good reasons to pack up!

But, will the move put you in a different climate?  Will you be able to handle the snow or the 95 degrees of summer you’ll be getting into? The Seattle, rain or the Arizona desert?  How about the cost of living? It’s  all about location, location, location! The price of gasoline, food, utilities, insurance, taxes, etc…are all affected.  Will this move cause your savings to run out of life before you do?  Will you buy a home or rent? A new mortgage or an additional monthly expense?

Let’s not forget natural occurrences caused by a cranky Mother Nature!  Is that new area prone to hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, drought or too much rain?  Will you be able to handle all the problems that these might bring?

Now the important things!!  Is there a golf course nearby? Will you be able to enjoy the pastimes you enjoyed before? (I sincerely hope they sell beer and wine wherever you are going!)  Is ample medical care nearby. and will they accept your health plan or is another change involved?  So, many questions…

A relocation is worth it if you will be happier there than you are here! (And I am all for being happy!) Especially if the cost of living will extend your savings.

What if you decide to stay?  If you own your home or still owe on it, probably the biggest part of your mortgage is already paid.  You already know where everything is and how much you can expect to pay for it!  Although new friends are always welcomed, your “old” friends are already here!  The best part of it is, you can always take a trip to where you would want to go and come back home.

Personal note:  A very good neighbor sold their home here in Katy, TX to move to Omaha to be near their grandkids. You know, they wanted watch them grow up and to go to their baseball and football games and other activities. The girls had their ballet and recitals which they wanted to share with them, as well.   But. not only did their home there cost twice as much as it did here but, soon after the move. the grandkid’s father was transferred by his job to another state and over 600 miles away!  They frequently told me how sorry they were to leave their friends and their neighborhood! As they were retired, they could have made those trips to visit.

Ok, the blog is intended for folks in our age group and I will try to cover topics that relate to us at this time in our lives.  As always, I appreciate your comments, please keep them coming !

Thanks and see you next time at “The Over 50 Corner”










2 thoughts on “…should I stay or should I go?

  1. I love it Fred! Jim and I moved to Galveston about two years ago. I wanted to buy and he wanted to rent. We rented and I am ever so glad we did, Turns out I missed my family too much and we both missed downtown Houston. We moved back into the Old Rice Hotel, and are happy as can be! Again we are renting, and I am thrilled. If a lightbulb goes out, we call maintenance and they come change it! We love it and are very happy!


  2. I am so glad you liked the topic of “…should I stay or should I go? It seems that Maggie is also renting our home because as soon as she says. “the lightbulb is out…” I come running with a new one! As I say in the blog, it’s what makes you happy, and it seems to me that you are! Hope we get a chance to meet downtown soon! Glad you came back!


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