Saving $$ by Spending $$ ?

Hello again friends!

Well, let me start by saying that I shudder every time my wife, M., tells me, ” I saved you $85.00 at Kohl’s today!” (She’s so good at that!)

What!!??  Now, that we are both retired, that seems to be a louder boast than before! But, in the end, isn’t that the trend today?  Save by spending?

As most of us are now enjoying the life of not having to go to work every day, we have taken a different look at spending money.  Some of us are on a “fixed” income and have to “think about it”, while others aren’t in that situation so, they really don’t have to budget their spending.

Well, the market place has noticed this “budget” spending by the, now retired, baby boomer generation and are making a lot of money by creating websites that offer discounts on almost everything you can think of.  There are discounts for travel, entertainment, restaurants, food, home goods, electronics, cosmetics, sporting events, and the list goes on and on.  The thing is, that you are going to have to spend to save but, spending less to enjoy what life has to offer, definitely, has its advantages.

Besides all of the coupons that appear in local newspapers, (here in Houston, that’s Wednesday’s paper) joining restaurant or store websites, also provides certain menu specials and discounts!  Note: If you like subway sandwiches, they offer weekly specials that are worth taking advantage of.

So, today, I am listing a few of the dozens of websites that offer these discounts. Take advantage  of these, as I have.  Even if you are among those that do not have to budget your spending, why not save a few dollars anyway?

Here we go!


Check these out and let me know if you have any that you would like to share.

Ok, I think we’ve established that we like discounts but, how would you like to try a product without having to buy it?  There are a bunch of companies that want to sell you their products but, you don’t want to spend good money on any product just to “try it out”.  Well, there is a good chance that these companies will send you a sample of that product just for the asking!

Check out these websites:  –  –  – for starters.  There are others out there so, with a little research I am sure you will find more to venture through.

You can also go to the manufacturer’s website and in their search box, type in FREE.  They might have samples to send you or printable discount coupons for your next purchase.  (Note: My 91 yr. young mom drinks ENSURE every day so, I went to their website, signed up, and now receive discounts coupons every month to send to her! Now talk about a fixed income and budget!)

There are also some brand names that will even offer you free samples but only if you make a purchase online.  Ladies, these are for you, – and  Just go to your favorite brand and…who knows?

Ok, my time is up! So, that’s it for now!  I hope these hints will save you a buck or two to do or to buy whatever makes you happy!

Take care and remember to meet me again at “The Over 50 Corner” real soon.

Till next time,





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