Does it stay or does it go?

Hi folks and welcome back! Hope everyone had a good 4th of July holiday and had enough hot dogs to last you a while.

Well, today’s topic is based on a “true life” experience.

My wife, M., just got back from Miami where she took on the dubious task of moving her mom to an assisted living residence. The challenge was shutting down a house, lived in for the last 40 years, and to setting up a semi-private room (small closet and a small chest of drawers). Remember, I said “shutting down a house”.  Ok, how much “stuff” do we collect over 40 years?  (I’m not counting the stuff collected while living in a previous house and bringing it forward.)

Stop and look around where you live right now!  If you are in a house, go to every room, the attic and if you have a basement, go there too!  Even if you live in an apartment or condo, take a mental inventory of what you have. I won’t include the garage, (lord have mercy!)  Now, think about this…if YOU had to go to a semi-private room with that same small closet and a small dresser…what would you take with you?

Let’s start with photo albums…(Not digital, actual photos!) 40 years, that include family portraits,  children growing up and getting married. Now, you have grandchildren. Photos of every birthday, every vacation, kindergarten and high school graduations, little league games and dance recitals.  To think that possibly the grandchildren, now married, have kids of their own, which only means more photos. Note, that I have covered only the last 40 years of an 88 year lifetime!  What do you keep and what gets “trashed”?

How about those knickknacks on the table or the pictures/paintings and frames on the wall? The 50 year collection of whatever fancied you?

Maybe your children or family member would want that set of dishes, silverware or glassware…but, what if they don’t?  I’m not even going to get into books, fancy linens or the furniture.  Forget about discussing what is in our closets!

This is the point I am trying to make…at our age, should for any reason we would have to vacate our home and “downsize”, what would we take and what do we give up?

I look around and see my LP vinyl record collection. No problem there, as my son has already claimed it as his inheritance along with the turntables and cd collection. But, there are the books, photos, memorabilia from trips, tools, etc…that need be dealt with. Should something happen to me I wouldn’t want to put the burden on M. Not again!

So, is it time to simplify our surroundings at home or leave that problematic situation to our kids or spouse?  Is there a garage sale in our future or do we try Ebay or any of the other auction sites out there and try to maybe make some cash along the way?

Just food for thought.

Personal thought: I hope you never have to go through what M. did. A mom who just didn’t know how to “give it up”. It was tough on her mom and ten times rougher on M.

Check in next time at The Over 50 Corner and see what’s on my mind, that might be on yours, as well.

Take care and BE SAFE out there!






2 thoughts on “Does it stay or does it go?

  1. My cousin Fred..What great info. You send our way. Next reunion we will be there. I will share your blog with friends as I know they will enjoy…


    1. Hi there! So glad you commented and gave me opinion of The Over 50 Corner blog! I try to make an interesting read for all who take a few minutes of their busy day to visit the blog. I thank you for sharing the posting and sincerely hope you don’t lose any of your friends for doing so!! When the next get-together is planned, we will be sure you know about it! Take care and regards to the family! Fred


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