Baby Boomers = Adult diseases

Hello again my intelligent readers !

Back again with some information that may, or may not, interest you.  That’s the point, isn’t it?  To discuss subjects that may affect those in our age group.  This blog is always up for discussion and your comments and opinions are always welcomed.  In this case it’s those childhood diseases that come back years later to haunt us.

Although there are quite a few, I will try to stress specifically on one today,  The one I would like to tackle today is Shingles!  Why, you ask?  Well, it’s because I was witness to the effects it had on my father many years ago!  So, let’s start by asking…

How many of you had chicken pox when you when you were a kid?  If you answered, “me”, then, there is a good chance that you are a candidate for shingles.  I know I had them as a kid and both of my kids had them, as well. (I remember that well, as it was just days before taking them on a trip to Disney World!)  Chicken pox is a virus that leaves it’s tracks in your body which will come out and play in 1 out of every 3 people in our age group, in the form of a hideous rash which is painful and full of blisters!  This fiery rash usually shows up in the upper body and can even appear on the face!

As I said before, my dad had a bad case which “got” him around the waistline and abdomen.  It was so bad that he couldn’t sleep lying down or lean back in a chair. (Don’t ask as I don’t know!)  Having a shirt on was torture. Now, seeing an 80 yr old with unbutton shorts and no shirt was really hard to take, plus seeing that ugly, tormented skin made it even worse!  I can’t really remember how long it took for the rash to clear up but, for him, it must have been ages!

I have read that the ladies are more susceptible to shingles than the guys. The bad part is that it commonly occurs during or shortly after menopause. (Whew, glad I avoided that!)  Also, the older we get, the greater the chances are of us waking up and being surprised by this disease.

Oops, almost forgot…cold sores, you know, the ones that show up on your lips, yep…same virus!  So my strong recommendation is that everyone, especially those young ladies over 50, get the shingles vaccine from your doctor or pharmacy.  I paid $180.00 because my insurance company considered it an “experimental” vaccine and did not cover the expense.  After I saw what it did to dad, I would have paid $280.00!

So, if you get cold sores and haven’t gotten the vaccine yet, consider the consequences and go out and get it asap.

Next time you are at your doctor’s office, ask about the other vaccines that might prevent those diseases that are haunting us baby boomers like:  Pneumonia, Whooping Cough and Hepatitis C & B.   Too much for me but, I also got the 2 Pneumonia vaccines for just-in-case! (Yes, I said 2!)

Well, that’s it for today…I sincerely hope you were interested and gave you some food for thought.  Spread the word and share this posting with your friends in our age group, they may become intelligent readers like you!  Stay healthy and Be Safe out there!

So, see you next time at “The Over 50 Corner”!










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