Having the grandkids over…

Welcome back friends!   Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the heat of summer!

It would seem to me that most of us have the great pleasure of having young grandkids or nieces and nephews (or both)  that have blessed our lives, come to stay with us during this time of the year!  Not only is it a treat for us to have them visit or as a change of venue for them but, also a welcomed reprieve for the parents!

Ok, now that they are visiting, what do we do?  How do we entertain them? Have we planned ahead or are we just going to go on the spur of the moment?  Where have they not gone when they visit?  Is there an age difference between the kids that may affect our plans?  What do they like to do that doesn’t include video games or their iPads?

Now, of course, you know that they have their own way of life at home.  Do you have rules in your house that do not exist at theirs?  I know for a fact that at our house the same rules that their mom or dad grew up with are still in place!  The only rules that may have been “revised” are the ones for punishment aka “time out” or grounding!  We are not here to scold or yell at them but, to guide and educate where and when needed.   Bedtime would be a problem for me more than for them. I hit the sack about 10:00 pm to watch the news and then it’s lights out!  Then you hear…”we can stay up to 11:00 pm during the summer at home!”  Guess who wins that battle?  Hello, Tonite Show!  Note: I live in the Central time zone.

Amusement parks, zoos, museums (?), movies…PG or PG13? are all options to entertain them.  With our granddaughters, the movies are usually not an option as they see the newest releases before the reviews come out in the newspapers!!  So, scratch that!  Taking them out to eat at a restaurant can be a sticky situation. We have a granddaughter that eats everything while the other, nada!  As long as there are corn dogs with french-fries on the menu, I guess we’re good!

But, let’s think about something that might not have occurred to you.  Should a child, while in your care, gets sick and needs a doctor’s attention or possibly hospitalization, what do you do?  Here is what I am getting at; Do you have a Power of Attorney for each child?  Some doctors and almost all hospitals will require written authorization given by the parent for you to make a medical decision.  This is very important especially when the parents are away on vacation, as well, and are out-of -touch.

Again, just food for thought.  If you haven’t yet, check into this for your own peace of mind. If needed, get it.  It would be better to have the POA notarized to avoid any doubt. It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

Well, that’s it for now.  Enjoy the kids while you can because, as I always say.” kittens turn into cats, puppies into dogs and kids turn into disinterested teens.”  Good Luck!

See you next time at “The Over 50 Corner”!



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