The Waiting Room…

Hi again friends and welcome back to “The Over 50 Corner”!

Today’s topic is one based on an experience that all of us has gone through!  What is it you ask?  It is all about having a doctor’s appointment and sitting around, way past your appointed time, waiting for your name to be called in the infamous “Waiting Room”.

We get there early and start by filling out the “new” paperwork with the same information the “old” paperwork had, with a pen that ran out of ink days ago but, they keep handing it out!

So, what do you do? You got here in plenty of time so, let’s sit down and read a magazine! First of all, there isn’t one here that isn’t, at least, 4 months old…Brad and Anjolie are still getting a divorce, the Patriots just won the Super Bowl ( February), baseball season is just around the corner (April), snow shovels are the cause of heart attacks and someone ripped out the recipe for pineapple upside down cake martinis! No, I do not want a preview of how I can get fit to wear a bikini in just 8 weeks!

Well, that took all of 10 minutes, now what?  The sign on the wall says, “NO CELL PHONE USE!”  Ok, so I’ll read the emails on my phone. What!? No service?  The whole place is rigged against me!

Wait, there’s a 50 inch TV on the wall, let’s watch…home remodeling, ok…only one thing wrong with this…I can’t read lips!  No sound!  What the heck? So, why did they spend the money to put the damn thing up there?

Only one thing left to do, let’s people watch!

There must have been at least 15 people there before I got to my doctor’s office yesterday. Nothing serious, just a swollen ankle. Don’t know what caused it so, let’s find out!  Anyway, the whole place looks like an old folks home!  To think that I might have been the youngest one there was depressing!  Ok, let’s start looking around the room!

Wait, they just called out a ladies’ name who has a walker and is slowly getting up with the help of another lady. (Well, that takes 2 off of my imaginary waiting list!). Boy, is she ever slow! Hope she isn’t seeing my doctor ’cause it won’t help my waiting time any!

There’s the fellow in the corner coughing and wheezing up a storm. Good thing the TV doesn’t have any volume as you wouldn’t be able to hear it over this guy’s sound effects!  Now, over there is another lady who is probably hard of hearing, that came with her husband, who apparently is hard of hearing as well, as their conversation is anything but private!

A really elderly lady (looks 80ish+ ) is sitting by herself and apparently has fallen asleep. (At least I hope so, ’cause I ain’t giving her mouth to mouth to revive her!)  She probably got here when she was 70ish !  If they don’t wake her up, it will be one less I have to wait for.

Time has gone by, the waiting room is almost empty, as it is almost lunch time for the cast and crew of this show.

Wow!  After being here 45 minutes passed my appointment time, I hear “Fred”!  Yep!  That’s me! Like Dorothy, I’m off to see the Wizard who is going to tell me what I hope is what I want to hear and that amputation is not really an option!

It took the “good ‘ol” doc less than 5 minutes to tell me that there was “no need to worry”. Take this pill for 3 days and forget about it!  FIVE MINUTES?  I’ve been out there for over an hour!  What took him so long to see me?  Ok, now I remember those patients mentioned above, can’t blame him too much!

So, that’s it!  Sorry for the long discourse but, I had to tell someone!  Can’t make this stuff up! I’m sure you’ve had some type of waiting room experience, as well, so you can relate.

Now, do me a favor;  I would really like to hear from you and get your comments on the blog. Doesn’t matter if they’re good or bad, just to get an idea of what you think.  Thanx!

Almost forgot, the “Sleeping Beauty” finally woke up and really didn’t know where she was! Found out that she was just waiting for her ride home or to the home, whatever! She’s alive!!!!

Take care and see you again at “THE OVER 50 CORNER”.







4 thoughts on “The Waiting Room…

  1. Fred, You could have mentioned visiting with some of these people! Some old people have great stories to tell! As I am sure you will when you are old!


    1. Ms. Mary…Are you kidding me!!??? First of all, I wasn’t getting close to the guy who was coughing and hacking, I came in healthy didn’t want to go home sick! The “deaf”, sorry, the hard of hearing couple probably couldn’t hear me and I surely wasn’t going to nudge the “sleeping” lady, just in case she didn’t wake up!!!!! Thanx for your comment! Keep ’em coming!


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