What’s going on….?

I can only think of when Marvin Gaye sang the line, “What’s going on?”, making his song go to the top of the charts.  Did he foresee something that we didn’t or was it just the sign of the times then?  Well, that line is very present in our lives today.

Many of us have lived through international conflicts, various Presidents and administrations, gasoline lines, recession, riots in the streets of major cities, unemployment, increased interests rates on loans, housing crisis, etc… yet, looking at the current world situation, you would have thought that the world would have learned from our mistakes…guess not!  Now, another song comes to mind…The Temptations singing about the “ball of confusion, as the world goes round and around…”.

This past week has been just that!   We have a rebellion here at home over the history that has stood in our parks and federal buildings for over a 100 years!  A government that is confused, bewildered and collapsing within itself!  Terrorism around the world against the innocent to prove a point!  What is the point?  Our Police being targeted and ambushed with gunfire!  Countries claiming “my bomb is bigger than your bomb!”

Are we in a game of “chicken” or what?  Leave me out of this!

Costa Rica looks pretty good at this moment for a permanent trip. Hey, and I already know the language!

But, the reason I have delayed the posting of the blog is, that TODAY we are experiencing an eclipse throughout the U.S.!  What a great event to behold!

Commentators on TV say that “it is like a spiritual happening!”

It is almost as if a Higher Being is putting us through darkness and then back into the light as to say, “This too, shall pass!”  I sure hope so!

For those travelling to see the eclipse in it’s totality, have a safe trip home!

I apologize for the somber tone of today’s blog but, I think you will understand!

Take care, my friends…

See you next time at “The Over 50 Corner” with a lighter tone and “inspiring” subject! (Ha! That’ll be the day!)


Just before posting…Note:  Our neighborhood got hit with a rain storm blocking out the sun and the 60% partial eclipse we were supposed to have here!  I guess I’ll take their word for it, that it really happened!







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