Hey, Harvey! I’m waiting!!

Hi friends!  Welcome back to The Over 50 Corner!

Note: The blog was supposed to post on Friday, Aug. 24th but, I have waited until today Saturday to give you an update of what Hurricane Harvey has caused to the south Texas coast.

Aug 24th – As you probably know by now, South Texas is preparing for the arrival of hurricane Harvey, that is slowly approaching the city of Corpus Christi, just about 160 miles south of where I live in Katy (just west of Houston).

Even at this distance from the “eye” of the storm, we are preparing for the torrential rains that are forecasted for the Houston area, as well.  Although, the winds are not expected to be as strong as they would be nearer to the “eye” of the storm, I am not taking any chances of patio and backyard fixtures being tossed around, becoming missles of destruction. So, got the rope and tied the chairs and tables to cemented posts and the trees back there!

That being done, the expected rainfall of a total of 35 to 40 inches of rain, cannot be good! Flooding in the lower areas of town can only cause power outages and water filtration systems shutting down!  Now, to fill the bathtub with water and start collecting as much ice as possible in our small freezer in the garage.

The local supermarkets are being overrun by folks buying water, ice, bread and canned foods to hold them for at least 3-4 days. (Yes, cold adult beverages too!) Gas stations are running dry as everyone is filling up their cars and gas cans. (No power, no gas pumps working!) We filled up our cars 2 days ago to avoid the onslaught at the pumps.  I have enough gas in the cars to fuel my generators for quite a while and leaving enough for travel, if necessary.

Now, being prepared, we are waiting and going to bed to see what tomorrow brings!

Aug 25th – Harvey hit just north of the city of Corpus Christi at a small fishing town of Rockport with winds of 135 mph!  My sister, who lives just a block off the water in Rockport, evacuated on Thursday heading to Kerrville, west of San Antonio waiting for the storm to pass. No news yet of the condition of her home. (The news reports on the condition of the town are not very good,  We shall see.)

The cities of Houston and Galveston have been hit with torrential rains all morning long.  The creeks, bayous and neighborhoods in lower areas that flood, are bracing for another round of the same.  Here in Katy, we have been fortunate so far, being spared of the continuos downpours, as we have fallen between the bands of these rains that usually show up red on the radar scopes on TV.

Won’t keep you any longer but, want to pass some unsolicited advice to you. If you are ever advised to evacuate an area due to a potential danger, of any sort, in this case storm surge, flooding and wind damage, DO IT!  Many folks on the coastline decided to “ride out the storm” and many will have paid for their decision.  It is still to be seen.  We sincerely hope they survived the storm. (Not because they were brave but, because they were terribly lucky despite their stupidity!)

As the mayor of Rockport said to those who might have decided to stay, “write your social security number on your arm so, that we may be able to identify your body!”

Take care, and PLEASE, be safe out there!

See you next time at “The Over 50 Corner”.



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