Hand in hand…

Hello again to all my friends…

As you know, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas last Friday and liked us so much he decided to stay!  Well, he definitely overstayed his welcome!

His front door was a small fishing town near Corpus Christi, called Rockport.  It was a quaint town where my sister and brother-in-law decided to retire. By the Grace of the Almighty, somehow, in some way, their house was spared among the rubble of the area. At this time, there is no electricity or water service, with no indication of when they will be re-established. It might be weeks, it might be months!  Until then, they have to stay away!

Here in Katy, as well as parts of Houston, was pelted with over 40 inches of rain!  Entire neighborhoods flooded.  Reservoirs, filled to the top with water from creeks and bayous, are at the point of overflow!  They are now being slowly drained, flooding even more homes as the water makes it’s way through downtown Houston, onward to the Gulf of Mexico.  Rivers, 50 feet over their banks, are causing more flooding and evacuations in outlying areas.

So many families displaced from their homes with just their wet clothes on, have lost everything!  Homes covered up to their roofs, are now filled with dirty water that contains who-knows-what!

Through this misery, shone a light of faith and hope!

People with boats, rafts, jet skis, air mattresses and anything else that floated, appeared!  From nearby towns to hundreds of miles away they came to help rescue those stranded in their homes filling quickly with water. Entire families and pets were loaded unto their boats, disregarding the dangers to their own lives!  This was a complete unofficial, unorganized and unselfish operation of helping your neighbor!  There was no recompense for their action except the heartfelt thanks of the rescued and knowing that they were a vital part of those people’s lives they saved but, never met!

The beauty that I saw was, that all races came together, all religions came together, all political affiliations came together, without question!  A hand was extended that pulled them to safety and they grabbed it!

During these last few days, there was NO color, there was NO religion, there was NO political affiliation…just human kindness and neighbor helping neighbor.

Let me not forget to mention all the others that assisted as well, ALL Law Enforcement branches, firefighters, Army National Guard, U.S Coast Guard, etc…just too many to mention.  But, without the volunteers, the real heroes, that responded immediately without being asked to, the casualties would have been unfathomable!

It took a horrendous natural disaster to bring us together! Not a government!

God works in mysterious ways!

FYI: My home, as well as those in my neighborhood, was spared with no interruption of any service.

Please, if you can, share this blog, even if only this one, so your friends can learn just a bit more of what caring for one another can do.  That there is indeed, hope for the present and the future, if we only extend our hand to our neighbor!  Who knows? They just might grabbed it!

Oh, and please donate, if you can, to any non-profitable charity that will assist those in need, especially the victims of the flooding in Texas!  Thanks!

Hope to see you soon again, at The Over 50 Corner!   Be safe!



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