Goodbye Harvey, Hello Mom!

Hello again friends!  It’s great to see you on The Over 50 Corner again!

Well. as you know, hurricane Harvey left flooding and utter destruction in  numerous sections of Texas, including cities like Houston, Richmond, Rosenberg, Victoria, Beumont, Port Arthur, etc, etc., etc…..  Poor and not-so-poor neighborhoods were left in shambles by the high waters.  Many of the folks were left with only the clothes on their backs and no where to go.  To this date, 2 weeks later, there are still people calling the emergency shelters, home.

We are very grateful that our home was not affected by such tragedy and that M. and I are able to offer my mom a “home away from home”.

As previously mentioned, she lives in Rockport, TX (Gateway to Texas for hurricane Harvey) which is now in an attempt to rebuild itself to the quaint fishing and touristic town it was prior to the storm. (For my out-of-Texas readers, Rockport lies about 30 miles north of Corpus Christi.)  No supermarkets, drug stores, Walmart or fast food establishments are currently open. No medical offices or gas stations. Water and electrical service have just been re-connected which is the first great step in rebounding.

Well, back to mom…I would imagine that it is very uncomfortable to live in someone else’s house you do not consider “home”.  A suitcase of clothes and a photo or two that she was able to pack before evacuating, is what she brought with her.  Although, it is not a drastic load on to my life, it does bring a few changes for us all.  We try to take them all in stride and so far, it has been fine.

It really doesn’t take too much to keep her entertained or busy.  She loves jigsaw puzzles but, is really lousy in putting them together. So, M. sits with her and they just talk and pass the time by arranging the pieces by color or any special traits the pieces might have.(A line going through it or parts of a face, you get the idea).  She may sit there for hours!  She also does some knitting or word hunt puzzle books that take part of her day, as well. She offers to cook a meal…go ahead and cook! She wants to sweep the floor…here’s the broom!  Make yourself happy!

Mom is a great cook! (At least for my palate!)  The only thing is, she requires my presence because she doesn’t know or can’t remember where things are. (She’s been coming and cooking here for years!)  “I need a small sauce pan”, “Where is the tomato sauce?” “How do you turn on the stove?” etc…  So, really, I was going to mow the grass but, now I watch though the kitchen window, as it keeps growing!

Today, M. and I took her on a slow ride though the countryside, to a small town about 35 miles from the house.  There, we meandered through some small shops, bought a few things and had some lunch. Upon returning to the house, she said, “It was a lovely ride and a great distraction!”  Mission accomplished!

I really don’t know how long her stay will be but, at 91 yrs old, we’ll do our best to make her happy until she can go back to the comforts of her own abode.

I know that many of my friends are sharing their homes with an elderly parent. Not because of the storm but, because of need.  Some of them are not as healthy as my mom and need a lot of TLC, which at times is patience consuming.  I admire you as I can only imagine what dedication it must take!

So, friends, that’s it for now!

Note:  The day trip must have really drained mom, as she just announced that her eyes are “sleepy” and is going to  “hit the sack” for the afternoon “siesta”!

Take care and hope to meet up with you again at “The Over 50 Corner” next week.






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