Yay! Fall is here! (Or is it?)

Hello friends and welcome back to “The Over 50 Corner”!

Well, the calendar on the wall says it’s October so, it must be Fall!

A great time of year for those of us who are retired. Depending on where we live, the leaves on the trees are changing color making the “hidden” photographer in us come to the surface.  The only setback of this is, that the leaves eventually fall to the ground,  creating some extra yard work for us.  As a kid, I remember stacking the leaves up in a big pile then, with a running start, I would dive into the middle of it, scattering the leaves all over the place. So, with the help of neighborhood friends, we would start the process all over again! (Now if I dive into the pile, I would need help getting out of it!)

Baseball season is over and the playoffs are in full swing!  Our Houston Astros are battling the Yankees for a spot in the World Series.  Go ‘Stros!

Football season is underway with many of us getting into our favorite chair and spending Sunday afternoons in front of the TV. (Not to mention, Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights!)  And that’s only the Pros!  If you are a college football fan, you’ll be rooting for your alma mater on Saturday afternoons, as well! (Fall is football widow season, too!)

Let’s not forget my favorite day of the season…Halloween!  Not only because my last day on the job was Oct. 31st but, because, now get this…it’s the only day that adults are allowed to scare the living daylights out of the kids and not get in trouble!  Try doing that any other day of the year and you’ll find yourself in Police bracelets!

I really enjoy the little kids being dressed up by mom, knocking on the door, as some can’t reach the doorbell, and just standing there with their bag open.  (That’s if they are still there after I swiftly open the door yelling, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”) Mom and dad on the sidewalk just laugh, thankfully.  (I can still close the door before dad gets to it, in case he didn’t laugh!)

What I really don’t care for are the older kids stealing mom’s pillow case and just showing up for a candy hand-out!  Dress up and I will oblige!

Now, the big question is…if Fall is here, when are the summer temperatures going to go away?  California is burning up due to dry and hot temperatures!  The rest of the country is still in shorts and tee shirts weather! Houston is still in the 90’s!

Can’t wait to turn the A/C off and sit out on the deck in the morning and have a cup of coffee or in the afternoon with a Happy Hour beverage.  (Until that first “freeze” comes along, we’ll still need that mosquito spray!)

So, my friends, enjoy what the calendar indicates…Fall!  Take that stroll through a park or a drive through the countryside taking photos with your camera (or phone) of the colorful foliage and new flowers.  Don’t forget photos of your grandkids in their Halloween costumes!  Those memories are precious!

That’s it for now!  Hope to see you next time at “The Over 50 Corner”.

Note:  No saving candy for yourselves!

As always, your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!  Share it with your friends or mention it on your next FB posting!  Don’t keep this a secret!

Take care and Be Safe!







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