I got shot !!

Hello and welcome back to “The Over 50 Corner”!

Well, as the title says, I got shot the other day!

No!  Not a gun shot but, my Flu shot and I have the red Walgreen’s Band-Aid to prove it!

This is an annual inoculation for M. and me as we are determined not to fall to the perils of the Flu.  Feeling like doo-doo for up to two weeks with fever and a body that feels like you’ve been run over by J. J. Watt and the rest of the Houston Texans defensive line, is not what I want! Even if I do get a whiff of the Flu, it will be milder and less aggravating. To this date, neither M. or I have succumbed and hope this year will be the same.

As most of my readers are residents of “The Over 50 Corner”, it is really important that all of us get the Flu shot.  Yeah, I know, there are those that always say, ” I haven’t gotten the shot and haven’t gotten the Flu!”  Well, my friend, I am sure you know someone who didn’t show up for work for a few days, laid up in bed, who did!  Ask them how they felt during that time and maybe, just maybe, you may re-consider.

Some people believe that the Flu is just a bad cold…well, think again!

Did you know that over 200,000 are hospitalized with Flu complications every year?  Not only that but, quite a few of those actually kick-the-bucket! (and they die, too!)  Folks in our age group, pregnant ladies and children are at a greater risk than most.  So, consider your grandkids and any relative that may be pregnant.

Being allergic to eggs is one of the biggest factors people do not get the vaccine. (Being afraid of needles, I would think is the biggest.)  In this case, get the shot in a doctor’s office or hospital, where they can take care of any reaction to the vaccine.  Kids with egg allergies are the most susceptible to complications from the flu so, make sure they get their shot. Remember, if they don’t go to school, someone has to stay home with them! It just might be you!

I know that maybe you got your shot last year but, the viruses that cause the flu might have changed since then. In which case, so did the formula of the vaccine.  So, if you have any questions, ask your doctor for his/her opinion.

If you have elderly parents or relatives, please make sure that they get the flu shot!  It just may be a case of life and death!  We took my mom to get hers while she was here in Katy, TX.

Well, that is my lecture for today.  Go and get your flu shot and stay protected!

Take care and make sure you spread the word!  Stay safe and stay healthy!  Would appreciate any comments, suggestions or just a line to say hi!  Again, don’t keep this blog a secret from your friends and enemies…let them in on it!

See you next time at “The Over 50 Corner”!


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