Is it Budget time ?

Hello again friends and welcome back to “The Over 50 Corner”!

Before I start on this week’s blog, just wanted to let you know that, coincidentally, like last week’s blog, the TV news programs have been putting an emphasis on vaccinations!  Not just the Flu but, now a “booster” for the mumps!  Yes, the mumps!  The targeted age group is now high school and college kids!  They are even talking about a stronger Shingles vaccine for our age group. So, check with your doctor’s office and get his opinion on all of this!  Thanx!

Ok, now to the subject of “Is it Budget time?”

Have you ever had a budget?  Well, to be truthful, I haven’t!  Made a good salary and it was meant to be saved and spent!  My 401K came first and then, the spending part came right behind!

Circumstances sure have changed the way the cash comes in and the cash goes out! They have changed in such a manner that a “budget” seems to be in order.  Although, there are the recurring bills to pay, the “limited” funds coming in every month make you think about the spending part a bit longer.

So, now what?  We have to eat, right?  Time to go to the supermarket and try to save some cash while eating a (semi) healthy diet. (Because I never had a healthy diet!)  One thing I have read is…all of the healthy foods are on along the walls of the supermarket!  Funny, I had never noticed!  (I would put beer along one of the walls. All natural ingredients so, why not?)  With that in mind, here are some tips I have found to save some money at the check out!   1. Never shop on an empty stomach. Why? I guess you’ll skip the chips and snacks if you’re not hungry.  2. Make a list of what you need and stick to it! (Easier said than done.) 3. Don’t hang around and walk around aimlessly. (Things will fall into your cart without you knowing it.) and 4. Higher priced items are located at eye level. Look at the higher and lower shelves for savings.

Got it?  Ok, here are a couple of more hints.

We usually shop for groceries at Walmart and have found that their “store brand” items tend to be cheaper than the “named” brands.  If canned corn, tomato sauce or anything else for that matter, tastes the same to you, try their brand and save a few cents.  If you can get a product 4 for $2.00 but, only need 1, just get that 1 and save $1.50!  Also, (Note: this is not a critique on Walmart but,) please note the prices of the items going into your cart as computer systems sometimes are not updated and pick up a higher price to charge you!  And lastly, use coupons if you can!  They always come in handy and now can be found on line or in Sunday’s newspapers!

Your local Dollar Store, Family Dollar, 99 cent store or any other discount store may carry bargain priced cleaning products, shampoos, greeting cards, paper, kitchen supplies, batteries and even your brand of potato chips. (Note:  Stay away from toothpaste or vitamins! )  Aldi supermarkets are gaining popularity and are showing up in neighborhoods all over the country.  (Too bad they are privately held as they would be a good stock to own!) They carry various off-brands which cover the spectrum of products found in named supermarkets but, at lower prices!

Lastly, check out the sales flyers that usually are distributed on Wednesdays!  That cut of meat that you want might just be on sale somewhere!

Well, even if you do not have a budget, if you follow some of these tips, you might be able to save a few bucks to splurge somewhere else! (A movie with popcorn?)

Before I go, M. now is using Walmart’s shopping on line and free pick-up at the store. Another way to avoid any temptation and as she HATES going to the supermarket, it saves her from going inside!  She’s all smiles when she gets home!

That’s it ! Till next time my friends, waiting to see you again, as I lean against the lamp post at “The Over 50 Corner”.

As always, let me hear from you and get your opinion on the subjects appearing on the blog. Every little bit helps to make it better!  Again, share it with your friends and family as everyone needs to save some cash.

Thanks and be safe out there!



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