Come Fly with me…or not!

Hello again friends and welcome back to “The Over 50 Corner”!

M. and I recently took a trip to Florida, as you may recall, and flew on Southwest Airlines to our destination.  If you have not flown Southwest, it has a different method of boarding its passengers. You can go with the general boarding, which assigns you, not only a group letter but, also a boarding number within that group.  You can, if you pay extra, get assigned the “A” group; and if you pay even more, you can get into the first 15 within that group. NO seat assignments so, it actually is a “controlled  free-for-all.”  Fly solo and you will have a seat…fly with your family, might be a problem to sit together if you don’t pay for Group A, especially if you have carry-on baggage.  (That overhead space goes pretty fast!)

We are now on board with our carry-on baggage in the overhead right above us yet, there are those getting on,  just throwing their bags in the first open space they see and continue to the rear of the plane!  Now, the person who sits in that row has no space for their bag! Unbelievable!

Oh, oh, family of 6 with 3 toddlers and a baby in tow just got on!  The baby has already made up it’s mind that an airplane ride is not for him and is letting everyone know about it!  (Please keep walking…)   To have a child constantly crying, for any reason, or have one kicking your seat from behind for 2-3 hours is a good reason to jump out at 35,000 feet!

The seat by the window is still open so, I take a glance at each person as they come through the door.  Will they fit any of the following “Please don’t sit next to me!” categories?

The Talker:  I know that at one time or another we have sat next to a person that are on their cell phone after the “doors are closed, please turn off your phone” announcement comes from flight attendant.  If you acknowledge them in a conversation, you’re doomed for the rest of the flight!  You wish they took a Benadryl tablet before getting on board.

The Armrest grabber:  Especially if you’re flying solo, there are those that have the middle seat that appropriate “your” armrest along with theirs!  What gives? Did you pay more than I did to deserve it?

The M.A.S.H. Candidate:  Will someone please tell me, why do folks that, obviously, have some sort of cold and are sneezing, coughing or sniffling are always within range of my seat!  (I hope they’re not contagious!)

Then there’s the, “I’ve got to get off first!” person who releases their seat belt as soon as the plane lands and jumps up when the aircraft comes to a stop, grabbing their overhead bag, putting everyone around them in harms way!   (I can understand it if the passenger has a connecting flight to catch but…that’s never the case!)

Or, The Salmon:  That’s the person who found a space in an overhead bin 10 rows behind their row and pushes their way against the stream of people standing in the aisle in order to reach their bag!

Oh, before I forget, The Hammock Passenger – the one that reclines the seat so far back that they are in your lap!  Try getting up with that!  Or, The Snorer! No explanation needed!

With all of that, we had a decent flight so, maybe we lucked out this time but, will we next time?

So, sit back, relax a bit and enjoy your flight!  PS:  Alcohol is served on board!

See you again soon at “The Over 50 Corner”!

Take care and Be Safe!







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