I go to Pieces …

Hello again friends of “The over 50 Corner”!

First of all, let me salute all my fellow veterans of our armed forces on this day dedicated to you!  It was a great pleasure serving this country we hold so dear!  Thank you for your dedicated service!

Well, if you are in my age group, you surely remember that song by Peter and Gordon, “I go to Pieces” which is the theme of the week!  No, it’s not about heartbreak!  So, read on…

A few years ago, I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder. It came as no surprise as being right handed, I had given that part of my body a real workout during my younger years! (Counting last year, of course!)  Playing baseball, then softball, bowling twice a week and concluding with being a high school basketball official, as having to raise my arm for every dumb foul committed during the game, really took its toll!

As M. (my wife, for the new readers) constantly says,”it’s hell getting old”.

It seems that the current thing to do when one of our joints gets to a certain point of discomfort, the solution seems to be…to get a replacement!  It must be like going to an auto parts store and picking one that fits your year and model!

I currently know of 4 friends that have undergone either a knee or hip replacement!  I even know of a person that has had BOTH hips and BOTH knees replaced!  What the heck?!!!

Is our “Over 50” generation really “going to pieces” physically?

I do not criticize any of them for going under the knife (scary thought), as living with the pain and not being able to walk or sit comfortably has to be terribly difficult.  Yet, I feel that there are tremendous advances in bone and gene therapy that might be able to help  avoid such a drastic decision. It’s worth researching if you find yourself in this predicament.  Just the road of getting back on your feet and walking  “semi-normally” is painful enough!

As mentioned above, two of these friends are currently going to physical therapy and have to put up with the swelling and discomfort resulting from the session.

Actually, one of them even had to undergo a second surgery due to a ruptured tendon in the surgically replaced knee.

So, I repeat, if you are contemplating getting some part of your body replaced, please do some research before making a decision, as there might be a different solution to your problem.

Funny, but my left shoulder is giving me problems now! Well, really, not-so-funny!

That’s it!  Take care of yourself and hope to see you next time at “The Over 50 Corner”!

Be Safe out there!






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