Apple, horse, Spain, shade, afternoon!

Hi friends!  Welcome back to The Over 50 Corner!  Hope that all of you had a great holiday and I hope that 2018 treats all of us better than 2017!

I would dare to assume that all of us, at one time or another, has had “a senior moment”.

That is when a person feels like a dummy for not remembering the name of someone we have met before.  Are we losing our mind? Are we headed for dementia or some other mental disease?  If this is true, then shoot me now!

Boy, am I glad it isn’t…at least that’s what the medical experts say. (But, they are all younger than me!)

Yet, it happens more than I would like it to.  So, what do I do?

If I know that we will meet again, I see that person as a famous personality that I know I would recognize anywhere.  Then, when I see him or her again, the association comes into play and my problem is solved. (Hopefully..)  I met Carlos and he became Carlos Santana, Larry became one of the three Stooges (I hope I don’t mistake him for Curly). Then, there’s Roger Rabbit’s girlfriend, Jessica  and so on…

The toughest part is at parties, where you meet new people. Why do they remember my name and I haven’t the slightest clue what their name is?  That’s when, “Hey fellow” or “Young lady” comes in handy.

Many articles that I have read suggest that a person should remain mentally active. How?  Well, how about crossword puzzles, learning another language or how to play a musical instrument?  They say to stay away from the TV.  So, where do I pick up Jeopardy or other Trivia programs?   (Scratch that one out!)  Pick up a good book on a subject or author that really interests you.  For me it’s Tom Clancy!  His books have so many different characters that you might have to write them down.  Who are they and what part do they play in the book? (All the Russian names really makes it difficult as they all end in “lov” or “nov”.)

Are you a sports fan?  Get a list of all the players on your favorite team and learn their names, numbers and what position they play!

Ok, quick, what is the capital of Maine?  Can you remember the words in the title of the blog?   Who sang, “What’s your name?”   (Go ahead and look it up if you don’t remember.)

So, don’t worry about it!  It happens and it will happen!  M. will not remember the name of a lady she once met but, she can tell you what shoes the lady was wearing!  I just don’t understand it!

I just hope you remember to come back to The Over 50 Corner next time!

Until then, take care of yourself and spread the word!







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