You recommend a WHAT !!??

Hello again friends and welcome back to The Over 50 Corner!

I really do not know if the way the title of the blog is written projects the uneasiness and surprise of the question but, in this case, I will let you fill in the blank.  It may be to a friend, a plumber, a car mechanic or anyone else you may think of,

For me, it was my friendly doctor.  What he recommended was a procedure that starts with a “c” and ends with a “y” and has 4 “o”s !

Well, if you can’t figure it out, my friend, you are in deep trouble!

It’s the good “old-fashioned”  and dreaded, colonoscopy!

Yep! It was that time again!  Damn, those 5 years since the last one just flew by! (Notice all of the exclamation marks?  I am not kidding!)

Ok, the date is set and my mental state is deteriorating rapidly.

Moving forward…

Here we are…maybe I should say, here I am, the night before the morning to follow. Woe is me!

If you have had this procedure before, you know damn well what I am referring to.  If you have not…well, what can I say but, you’ll soon find out and…surprise!!!

People, especially doctors, there has to be a better way!

I was, literally, up (and down) all night!  I finally got some shut-eye at 4:15 am. I felt that I had been through an intestinal car wash at least a dozen times!  Now, I know how a baby feels when its diaper hasn’t been changed!  Like the “Disco Inferno” song says, “burn, baby, burn!”

Well, to make this long story shorter, thank goodness, all went well.  Follow-up in a few days with preliminary findings being that, no problems are evident.

This in one of the events that we, being over 50, must endure.  It really can be a life saver.  A good friend, my previous boss, never had this procedure done and it cost him his life!  The ironic thing was that, he sold his business, made millions, retired and shortly thereafter, passed away.  He did not enjoy the fruits of his hard work and he was only 65 yrs. old.  Sad…but, unfortunately, true.

So my friends, all I can say is…get checked out!  As my Army PT (Physical Training) Sergeant used to say, ” it only hurts for a little while”.  In this case, it’s the prepping and not the procedure.

Note: This is NOT the way you would want to lose 5 pounds!

Well, really can’t say that this week has been fun but, take care my friends and I hope to see you back here at “The Over 50 Corner”.

Please share this with your friends…it just might be food for thought or just a moment to smile at my discomfort and suffering!  Always looking for more readers!

Until next time…


Ps. Still wondering why the song, “I like big butts” was playing in the procedure room.



3 thoughts on “You recommend a WHAT !!??

  1. I feel for you! My last one was 2 years ago, so I have a few years to go. Yes, the prep is like an illness for me! On the other hand, for my husband it’s a walk in the park…..go figure! But it does save lives……


    1. Hello Ms. Mary:  Thank you so much for your comment. Although the “process” is really extenuating,the results can be a confidence booster that all is well with you.  I tried to make the message with some levity but, reinforcing it with a somber incident.  I hope someone will take heed.Fred


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