My two cents of input…

Hello again friends !  Welcome back to The Over 50 Corner…a place where we gather to just talk about “stuff”!

Well, the topic of this week was hard to determine since, a few things have been going on that I feel would give you some “food for thought”.  So, I’ve decided on health and our personal economy.  So, I give to you…My two cents of input!

As we all know, the main topic on every news broadcast is the Flu epidemic.  I hope, as you read this, that you have not fallen to this horrific bug.  I call it “horrific” because we are the age group that, due to our body’s decreasing immunity to this type of illness, are mostly affected. Horrific, because many of the patients requiring hospital care, are 50 yrs old and above.  Unfortunately, many have not responded to the medical care received and have left the hospital feet first, if you know what I mean.

As a group, we need to make sure we stay healthy because, we may be the caregiver to our parents and maybe even to a sick grandchild that has been dropped off  by their parents, so they could go to work.  It’s a Catch-22 for us.  Be healthy, as not to contaminate and healthy, as not to be contaminated!  Now, I know I’ve said this before but, I’ll say it again…if you haven’t gotten your Flu shot yet, go get it today!  AND…if you know that your grandchild or any youngster hasn’t received their immunization, please mention it to their parents because, as of today, there have been 37 pediatric deaths caused by the Flu bug. 10 times more than all of last year’s Flu season. Emtire school districts  have been closed due to this illness. To think we have almost 2 months to go in this Flu season.

Ok, here’s my second gripe…during the last 2 weeks, 2 of my friends have lost their jobs due to the “re-organization” of their companies.  Nothing new here but, both of these friends have been with their respective companies for over 30 years!!  I repeat, 30 years of service!!  One company’s reorganization was due to mergers and buyouts; the other was due to declining profits.  Either way, don’t you think that an employee dedicating so much time to a particular company should, at least, be considered and given the opportunity to serve under another capacity? (Basically, neither was,) The loyalty given to the company was certainly not reciprocated!  The “sad” thing is, that both friends have years to go before they reach the “retirement” age.  Now what?  Will age become a factor in obtaining a new job?  I sure hope not! Both of these companies should really be ashamed to “dispose” of such an asset!

I’m through!  Whew!  That’s it for now, friends!  I’ll end this time with two recommendations…1) Get your Flu shot  and  2) Keep your resumé  updated, ’cause you never know!

Hope to see you next time, right here under the lamp post at “The Over 50 Corner”.

Take care and BE SAFE out there!  Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated and requested.  Share with your “over 50” friends, if you have any!!




2 thoughts on “My two cents of input…

  1. Another great article! I think many folks need to learn the 5 to 7 year rule on working for one company! Easy to become relaxed and become redundant!


  2. Well, Thank you Ms. Mary for your compliment.
    I don’t know if I can completely agree with you on the 5-7 yr rule you propose. My last employ lasted 23 years! The main reason why was, it was a Privately held company the first 19 yrs, The management was superb! Even through the recession of 2008, no one was let go! The company was losing money but, their loyalty to their employees, that made them a success, made them even more of a success! But, when it was sold to a PUBLIC company all of that went out the window! The stock holders became their main priority and not the clients nor employees, for that matter, So, I guess, it just depends on each individual situation. Fortunately, I left on my own terms, not there’s! Thanx for your comment, It is greatly appreciated,


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