A few quarters or dollars?

Hello again friends and welcome back to “The Over 50 Corner”

I know that some of my readers are already retired but, some of you are still “on-the-job” waiting for that special time of your life.

The fear of what to do with all the extra time, that used to be in the office and that will now be spent at home, will surely be of some concern to some.  “I don’t have a hobby” or “I don’t play golf” is what is usually heard from most.  My wife says that she “doesn’t want to volunteer and be held to a schedule, because it’s too much like work!”

So, what to do? Well, I have an idea that I am planning to pursue but, first…

Just recently, a reader of this blog went on a road trip from Houston to California. (I think you know who you are!)  She kept all of her Facebook friends well informed of every step of her trip. To read the detail with which she described every town passed, every  meal stop and their nightly accommodations, took you along with her and made me very green with envy.  But, does she know that there are many publications who would pay for such an article? And not just the writing…but, the photos!  What sights she must have seen along the road through the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona! (Not much to see driving through West Texas.)  Although, the money the publishers will pay won’t make you rich but, hey…you’re on vacation and having fun!  There just might be someone that might need that photo for an ad or maybe just to put into one of those picture frames you see in department stores.

I read about this and thought about the trips I’ve made to southern Spain and other parts of the world and the photos I’ve taken along the way.  I plan to submit some photos (known as “stock” photos) to a couple of “Stock” agencies and see if, by any chance, if accepted, someone may want to use it for their business!  I’ve read where some photos have been sold many times over.  Again, you won’t get rich but, who knows where your experiences and travels might lead to?  An article here and a photo there; a few quarters here and a dollar there…

This is a new found “hobby” that you can start at any age!  Why wait? Start today! All type of photos are in the market place! Just take a look at any magazine…there are thousands!

Here is one of many that I am going to submit.  Found this castle in a small town just outside of Barcelona, Spain.  What do you think? (I’ll include some more in the coming blogs) If you need any info, let me know I’ll share what I have.

See you next time !  Have fun and BE SAFE out there!




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