What can we do?

Hello friends!  Welcome back to “The Over 50 Corner” !

When I started this blog I stated that I would stay away from any political or religious topics, as not to “offend” anyone or to be “politically incorrect”.

In an attempt to stick to my original intent, the following is written with everyone in mind.  All political affiliations and all religious beliefs are to be included because it is a topic that involves all of us!

The school shooting of this past week, the Sandy Hook elementary incident nor the one at Virginia Tech University was aimed at a certain political party, religion or race…it was aimed at all of us!

Why all of us, you ask?  There is not an easy answer but, I will attempt to explain myself.

I would dare to say that it might have started with our generation and has continued for the last 40 or so, years.  The proliferation and the love of weapons in our country may have been our fault.  Note: I said “may have been…” We are definitely responsible for those making the laws in our state and Federal governments.

Have you noticed , as seen on TV, most of the videos games for Xbox and such are for shooting one another, shooting space invaders or any other weapon carrying enemy shooting at the player? Our generation started the development of these video games!  Did you, as a child, play cowboys and Indians?  Did you have a toy six-shooter or cap gun?  The “Christmas Story” Daisy bb rifle was too dangerous!  “You’ll shoot your eye out” was the parental warning! (I had them all!) How far back are we going now?

Strange fact… In college baseball, the use of the aluminum bat was BANNED because the hit ball was coming out “too hot” and may cause injury to a player! Ironically, the same player that cannot use the banned bat, can go and buy an AR-15 and shoot up a school full of kids!

Kids and guns don’t mix!  Something has to be done…something has to change!

I am not against the ownership of weapons, the second amendment nor against the NRA but, against the sale of this type of weapon and the ease of purchasing it by a 19 yr. old.

What can we do?  Well, if you think that something should be done, contact your state’s representatives in every branch of government and let him/her know your opinion.  We put them where they are with our vote, the least they can do is listen to us!  It is our child and grandchild that each and everyone of us should think about!  No matter what their age might be!

What would be the reaction if any one of those folks in Washington had a son, a daughter or grandchild victimized in an incident like this?  Just a thought.

Note: I do not own a weapon of any kind. The last time I actually shot a gun and a rifle was when I was in the U.S. Army, a lifetime ago!

Maybe the politicians will take note that the majority of students who are shouting for change today will be able to vote at the next general election!

Sorry for the topic this week but, it concerns us all!

Hope to see you again at “The Over 50 Corner”!

Until then, take care of yourselves!  Your comments and opinions are always welcomed!








One thought on “What can we do?

  1. I’m so glad you had the courage to write about this topic because those of us who think something needs to be done about gun reform are so misunderstood by most gun owners. I, too, don’t own a gun, but I respect anyone who owns a gun to protect their family or themselves. Most sensible people are in favor of the Second Amendment, but I’m sure our founding fathers would never have agreed to kids owning assault weapons that didn’t even exist back then. Why can’t we all agree that assault weapons belong in the battlefield or with law enforcement and not in the hands of regular citizens and much less with 18-year-olds? Why can’t we all agree that thorough background checks are a good idea so that weapons don’t fall in the wrong hands? Why can’t we all agree that a mentally unstable person has no business owning a gun? Why do gun owners feel so threatened about reasonable gun laws? I thought for sure that after Sandy Hook our politicians would have the appetite to implement some of these reforms because who could possibly look at the pictures of those first graders and say nothing can be done. But, once again, I’m hopeful now because it looks like this new generation of teenagers is outraged that the adults have done nothing and have let their peers die in such a horrific and senseless way. Like you said, they will be voting in the next general election…….


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