Have we lived history or…

Hello again friends! Nice to see you here at “The Over 50 Corner”!

From the comments received on last week’s “musical” blog, I can tell that some of you are still in your 50’s to early/mid 60’s and not quite to where I am. Again, thanks for the comments! They were just great! They ranged rom the Beatles to the Beastie Boys and some in-between! Again, just great! Keep them coming!

Ok…here we are, March 2018 and the world is reeling with the national and international political situations. Is history being made as I write? Or, have we already lived history?

Stop and think about it…what really historic moments have we lived through? I am positive that there have been great moments in time and sorry to say, horrific incidents that have shook us to our core. Be it what they may, they live within us and have influenced our lives in one way or another.

Who was around for the Cuba Missile Crisis?  Where were you… when JFK was assassinated? (I would bet you know.) First man in space? How about John Glenn? In 1964, there was the British Invasion by The Beatles; in 1968, Neil Armstrong’s, “Houston, the Eagle has landed;” or when we heard in 1970 Apollo 13’s, “Houston, we have a problem?” Bringing back memories? All this time, the “conflict” in Vietnam was ongoing and the Berlin Wall was to come down in a heap!

Think about this one…who had the first color TV in your neighborhood? Ok, who had the last black and white TV in their living room? How about the aluminum Christmas tree with the rotating color light dial? Ok, the tree was not history.

New discoveries came along in science; like the Polio vaccine or the transistor radio. In aviation, the Boeing 707 passenger jet or the Concorde that soared in the Stratosphere! In sports, Babe Ruth’s season homerun record falls to Roger Maris in 1961 then, his career record falls to Hank Aaron. Let’s not forget the first heart transplant by Dr. Christian Bernard in South Africa. Is the first video game worth mentioning or the first portable “wireless” phone? What would the kids of today do with Donkey Kong or that 5 lb. brick of a phone by G. E.?

Then, sadly enough there was the tragedy of what we refer to as “9/11”.

These are just a few of the moments in my recollection of history. There are many, many more that could be mentioned here but, I’ll let you fill them in.

So, what do we do with this knowledge and experience that we have accumulated over our lifespan? Have you ever thought of sharing it with your children or grandchildren? I am pretty sure they might want to know about it. Tell them how you walked to school everyday…uphill both ways carrying your boom box! Don’t let your history slip and fade away!

Well, I must admit…if I have, it’s been very little. I guess I’d better do as I say.  But, what  I have done is, saved a bunch of newspapers that were published on the day of (or day after) the historic event with all the details.  I even have the clipping of man’s first flight into space, Yuri Gagarin.

I hope to soon be able to open that plastic container and share them with my daughter, who is a teacher, so that she may share them with my granddaughters and possibly her students. Someone along the way might even say, wow!

Note: NO! I did not serve under Gen. George Washington nor present when Lincoln read the Emancipation Proclamation! (Just in case you were wondering!)

So, have we lived history or are we history?

Until next time, friends. Hope to meet you here under the lamp post at “The Over 50 Corner” to chat a while.

Remember, don’t be bashful, share it with your friends and don’t forget to send me your comments and suggestions.
Take care and BE SAFE!

2 thoughts on “Have we lived history or…

  1. Always very interesting……yes, we have lived history, and we are also making history everyday…..an important question, have we learned from history? History takes some time to write, and I predict when the present time is written in the history books, parents and grandparents are going to have a tough time explaining what the heck happened……


  2. Thank you again for taking the time to comment on my blog this week, especially when you describe it as interesting! As you say. we are writing history every day! Unfortunately, it is because something has occurred because two parties have not agreed, That is why I would prefer that we pass on OUR history to our kids and grandkids. Thanx again for your input!


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