It’s that time again!

Hello again friends and welcome back to The Over 50 Corner!

First, let me thank all of you who took the time to comment on my last posting on informing my granddaughters of my life’s history! It is greatly appreciated!

Having a readership that now includes Mexico, Barbados, Guatemala and Canada, this subject may or may not include my followers in these countries but, definitely here in the U.S. of A.!

It’s “Tax Time” again!

If you are a person that still reads the newspaper, be the actual thing or on-line, you may be aware of the shenanigans going on…especially with the elderly population. This is not to say that it is not happening to a selected few in our age group.

The phone rings and the voice says, “You owe the IRS money!” The conversation continues with, “if you don’t pay immediately, you will go to jail” or something similar. I assume you have heard of this ploy.

Many times the person receiving the call is in that upper age group that: 1) Lives alone and 2) Is totally confused and submits to the request of the caller, giving a credit card number to satisfy the non-existing debt.  This is unfortunate fact that many have become victims of such a story and are out of their hard-earned savings.

My mother has the habit of not answering her phone if she doesn’t recognize the number calling. It could be Publishers Clearing House awarding her the top prize and she would miss out, depriving me of a good inheritance! After all, most of the phone calls today are those so-called “robot-calls” that are just a pain, anyway! So, congrats to her! (But her kids have tried calling from an unknown phone number and she won’t answer so, it has it’s pros and cons.)

What can we do? Good question! Should we have an elderly parent, family member or friend, make sure to advise them of these calls and insist that any calls that involve money should be terminated immediately! That they should never give out any personal information, ie: Social Security number, credit card number or for that matter, any information PERIOD!

It is unfortunate that we now live in an age where there is always someone attempting to steal someone else’s money through on-the-phone-intimidation. I have just heard of the same tactic being used but, describing the debt as one from Discover Card. This one contacts the cardholder advising that a large purchase has been made with their card somewhere else in the world. They ask if they have the credit card with them and then attempt to get the credit card number by “having the customer confirm that they have the correct account.”

Should they get this type of call, have them call the credit card company personally and confirm. Better yet, have them call YOU for assistance in this matter.

I’ll touch on other scams that are targeting the senior citizen age group, just to keep you aware of what’s out there! There are plenty going around here in Texas!

So, that’s it for today! Hope this has been informative and maybe some food-for-thought for you to share and pass along.

Until we meet again under the lamp post at “The Over 50 Corner!”  Take care and BE SAFE!



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