“Sure…We’ll do it!”

Hello again friends and welcome back to “The Over 50 Corner”!

Let me start by asking you…how long did it take you to have an “empty nest” at home?  No, having a child in college that slept at home every weekend or holiday doesn’t count!  I mean, really having the house all to yourselves every day and night of the week.  Do you enjoy the new found freedom of, like my daughter used to say, “having a life?”

If you do, here’s another question…how many of you are now grandparents?

It seems to me, now don’t take this personally, but, how many of you are asked…”mom, dad, can you take care of the kids on Saturday night or the week-end while we (the parents) go out and have fun?”

I would tend to bet my mortgage that most of you would say, “Sure,…we’ll do it!”

You would then put your plans aside and gladly watch over your grandchildren. (I did say “gladly”!)

Maybe we will just feel bad if we say, ” Sorry, we have plans for this weekend” and keep quiet or maybe our kids just think that we can’t go out and have a good time for ourselves. We just might want to be spending a quiet evening at home and watching that movie we’ve been wanting to see.

I know that M. and I, as parents of 2 young children, did not have much of a “social” life until the day that they were both in college. (We actually had to put a stop to their coming home every weekend to “hang out” with their high school friends.)  Maybe it was because we preferred it that way or because we didn’t want to impose on my, then aging, parents. (Then aging?  Heck, I’m there NOW!)

I may be venting a bit but, there are times that I invite friends to get together somewhere for dinner and drinks and get the response, “sorry, we are baby sitting our grandkids, (again)!” I just feel that the generation of today has a different DNA than ours and want to enjoy their youth before it runs out!

So, as our children have their whole lives ahead of them, let us take advantage of the time we have, to say, ” I would love to…but, we have plans! Maybe, next time!”

That’s it!  Would love to hear your comments on this or any other of my postings.  So, let me know how you feel.  Again, thanks for your readership and let others know about this bad habit you’re forming by sharing it with them.

Take care and see you next time at “The Over 50 Corner”.







2 thoughts on ““Sure…We’ll do it!”

  1. My kids live too far away for us to get to babysit. In fact we rarely see the grandkids. I wouldn’t want to keep them every weekend but would have liked to keep them at least once in a while. My daughter’s two oldest are now in the military & the youngest is 16! The daughter in the Airforce is coming to spend the first week of July with us! My son’s oldest is in the Marine’s & the other two are 11 & 8.


    1. Hi Shirley! Well, now is the opportunity to spend some time with them! At least you were never “cornered” into babysitting and sent on a guilt trip as others that I know have! Take some time to share your personal history with them as they might not know much about your or your daughter’s past! Should be fun! Thanx for your comments! Fred


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