Why only us?

Hello again friends!  Welcome back to “The Over 50 Corner”!

I must admit…I would not have thought to be the recipient of so many comments on “My Parent’s Keeper” posting. Most of them came through Facebook but, had a few come through on the posting page. So, if you are interested in other’s experiences, click on “comments” at the top of the page.  Thanks to all who contributed!

Now to the topic at hand…If you have watched any TV lately, even if for only a half hour, you probably have seen one or more commercials for any number of specialized drugs. They are constantly running all day long no matter what station you are watching.

Do you have aching joints? There’s something for that!  C.O.P.D? Gotcha! Colitis? That too! All the way from ingrown toenails to, and God forbid, lung cancer! Yep, that’s covered, as well!  Want to live longer? I guess you will have to watch TV to find out how.

But that’s not my point!  My question is, why only us?  Why do they only show folks in our age group as being the victims of all these diseases? Isn’t there anyone under 50 who may be a “victim” of any of these maladies?  Apparently, not!  If they are, they are royally out of luck!  No cure for you!

Is this an advertising ploy to have you and me rushing to our doctor’s office and announcing the good news of a cure for what we may think is ailing us, that we just saw during the Dr. Phil show?  (This was probably a run on sentence for sure but, who cares!)

But, wait!

Did you hear all of the possible side affects that these cures might provoke? Lord have Mercy!  Headaches, nausea, light headiness, internal bleeding, possible stroke, diarrhea, constipation, tuberculosis and even suicidal tendencies!  Heck, if I had all of that, I would consider killing myself, too!  The damn cure is worse than the disease!

Not surprising, as well, is that in almost every commercial there are younger people to indicate that the message is for the older one in the picture! Parent and child or grandparent with grandchild is always a fixture.  Take this and be there when they rebel against you!  (Only kidding!)

Oh, and just to make a point, the music they are playing dates back to the 70’s !

Of course, not to omit, should you want glowing skin…eat prunes!

I really don’t know if, at this time in my life, I am getting a bit particular on how our age group in being portrayed. As my wife constantly says, “It’s hell getting old!”

Well, gotta go!  I feel something coming on and I guess the cure for it will be shown during the local weather or traffic report!

Thanks for putting up with this!  Hope to see you again, right here at “The Over 50 Corner”.

Keep sending in your comments and suggestions, they are great!

Take care and BE SAFE!





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