It’s been tough!

Hello again friends!  Welcome back to The Over 50 Corner!

As you probably know, during the last week or so, I’ve been attempting to find a place for my mom to “reside” nearer to my brother and I, in Katy, TX

So, I started reading all the offerings of the different companies that offer “Assisted Living” or “Independent Living” and all the other “Livings” that one can imagine.  They all offer “community” environments to their renters which, really means, individual apartment living.  This included, a common dining area,3 meals a day, library, hair salon, theatre room, recreational room (for bingo) and physical “well-being” room (gym).

The apartment, although small in size, is a one bedroom with a kitchen, living room, cable TV and one of those “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” communication systems!  You provide all of the furnishings!

Very nice and neat!

Ok, so now I ask, how much for all of this?   He replied, “Only $3000.00 a month!”  (Like a used car salesman giving me a great deal!)

Well, needless to say, that mom’s monthly income is only about 25% of that! And who is going to come up with the rest?  You guessed it!

And that was just the start of other visits to Community Living and Private Living homes and such!  Basically, all in the same price range!  Two persons to a room and up to 3 persons in a small room.

I’m not going to stretch this out but say, that it has been tough attempting to find a decent place for mom.  To the point that, my sister has decided to keep mom in her home  in the Harvey demolished  town of Rockport, Texas.  There, she will feel “at home” and be happy living with family.

A word to the wise: Start planning your future cash reserve, in case you might find yourself in a similar situation.  Getting older is not the hardest part, since you have no control over that but, living during those years can be a burden to you and to your family as well.  Give it some thought!

That’s it!  Take care and BE SAFE!  Remember that all of your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

See you next time at “The Over 50 Corner”.




2 thoughts on “It’s been tough!

    1. Good morning Ms. Mary!! Thanks again for your contribution to “The Over 50 Corner” blog. Just to let you know that, this was exactly what I attempted to do! After submitting all of the paperwork and going through an interview, it was finally determined that, unlike myself, she was in “too good of a shape” to qualify. This brought me back to where I had started! But, things have gotten better and hopefully, are under some sort of control.

      Thanks again for your continued readership and hope that all is going well for you!



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