“The Heat is On!”

Hi friends and welcome back to The Over 50 Corner!

No, the title of this posting is not referring to the song by Glen Frey!  It refers to the situation that we find ourselves in today here, there and everywhere!

As you, definitely, have heard or read, Santa Fe, a small town south of Houston, was struck with the tragedy of a High School shooting spree that left 8 students and 2 teachers dead.  Senseless…no matter what excuse or motive is revealed.

It is certainly a “Hot” topic here in Texas, now!

How many people has this affected, you ask?  How about parents, siblings, grandparents, family members, friends, classmates of the students, and the community in general?  Now, apparently, we need to protect our children and grandchildren, not only on the street but, within the classroom, as well!

We never had to worry about situations like this when we went to school.  But, today,  technology has taken our grandchildren to another “place”.  There are no video games today that do not include shooting at something!  Be it an enemy, an alien, a 3-eyed monster or a robot of some sort. Heck, the most violent video game I came across in the 90’s was Pac Man, eating all the ghosts!

IPads and iPhones have become the babysitter and companion of the day! Some can’t even put them down while eating at a restaurant with their family! Is this the culprit?

So, should we blame technology or maybe, just maybe, a bit of the blame should fall on parents and grandparents?  There are so many questions with so many answers. Can we come up with a solution? I sure hope we can, because I dread the thought of something happening to my granddaughters just because some guy or girl got their hands on daddy’s weapon and decided to “get even” with something or someone at school!

If our kids don’t talk to their kids on this subject, should we start the conversation?  Think about it!  Sometimes grandparents or other relatives can be that release valve that the kids need.  An ear to listen to what they have to say…

Finally, if you have guns and kids at home, lock either one of them up!  Your choice!

Note: More kids have been killed in schools since 2016 than our U. S. soldiers in war zones!  Now, that is scary!

As always, your opinions and comments are always welcomed and appreciated!

See you next time, right here at The Over 50 Corner!






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