Summer Vacation – Time to be Safe!

Hello friends!  Welcome back to The Over 50 Corner!

Do you remember all of the “Summer” songs that were so popular when we were growing up?  How many can you name?

Well, there’s the famous “Summertime” when the living was supposed to be “easy”.  “Summertime Blues”, “See you in September”, “Dancing in the Streets”, that favorite song from GREASE, “Summer Nights”, and so many more!

Summer…school’s out and the kids that are not indoors on their iPads, are running around in the street, in a pool or at the beach cooling off!

Summer vacation should be fun but, for many it means injury or worse!

So, today, we are teaming up with Safety First Protection Products to bring you some information on how to make this summer safer for you, your kids, and grandkids!

The biggest danger for every child is water!  No matter where it is located, the pool at home or in the community, at a hotel, the danger is there!  At the crowded beach, where many times it is happening right in front of us and we are not aware of what’s going on!

So far this year (2018), Texas has reported that 28 children have died by drowning!  Yes, you read right…28!  To think that community pools just opened for the summer during the Memorial Day week-end!  That number is, unfortunately, going to skyrocket before the Labor Day week-end.  Please note that this is for Texas alone!

In 2017, Florida led the nation in child drownings…51!  This tragedy mostly happened right at home!  Yes, in that family pool in the backyard! 41 (80%) of these drownings were between the ages of 1-4 yrs. old!

Safety First Protection Products is offering a special 20% discount to pool owners on its’  Pool Protector Alarm which detects anything or anybody falling into an unsupervised pool and sounding an alarm in the home for prompt response!

Drowning is the #1 cause of death of children between the ages of 1-15 in the U.S. !!

You can help prevent this from happening in your pool! Don’t expose your child or grandchild to this danger.

Our suggestion is to TEACH YOUR CHILD/GRANDCHILD HOW TO SWIM!!  Enroll them in swimming classes at the local “Y” or local organization.  But, if not possible, please check out the Pool Protector Alarm  



Go to or click on the hyperlinks above and use the discount code: Friend  when ordering for your discount!  This just might save you and yours from a distressing situation.

What is a child’s life worth to you? Remember, that there are adults that do not know how to swim, as well!

Take care and BE SAFE!

See you next time, here at THE OVER 50 CORNER!







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