A few quarters or dollars?

Hello again friends and welcome back to “The Over 50 Corner”

I know that some of my readers are already retired but, some of you are still “on-the-job” waiting for that special time of your life.

The fear of what to do with all the extra time, that used to be in the office and that will now be spent at home, will surely be of some concern to some.  “I don’t have a hobby” or “I don’t play golf” is what is usually heard from most.  My wife says that she “doesn’t want to volunteer and be held to a schedule, because it’s too much like work!”

So, what to do? Well, I have an idea that I am planning to pursue but, first…

Just recently, a reader of this blog went on a road trip from Houston to California. (I think you know who you are!)  She kept all of her Facebook friends well informed of every step of her trip. To read the detail with which she described every town passed, every  meal stop and their nightly accommodations, took you along with her and made me very green with envy.  But, does she know that there are many publications who would pay for such an article? And not just the writing…but, the photos!  What sights she must have seen along the road through the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona! (Not much to see driving through West Texas.)  Although, the money the publishers will pay won’t make you rich but, hey…you’re on vacation and having fun!  There just might be someone that might need that photo for an ad or maybe just to put into one of those picture frames you see in department stores.

I read about this and thought about the trips I’ve made to southern Spain and other parts of the world and the photos I’ve taken along the way.  I plan to submit some photos (known as “stock” photos) to a couple of “Stock” agencies and see if, by any chance, if accepted, someone may want to use it for their business!  I’ve read where some photos have been sold many times over.  Again, you won’t get rich but, who knows where your experiences and travels might lead to?  An article here and a photo there; a few quarters here and a dollar there…

This is a new found “hobby” that you can start at any age!  Why wait? Start today! All type of photos are in the market place! Just take a look at any magazine…there are thousands!

Here is one of many that I am going to submit.  Found this castle in a small town just outside of Barcelona, Spain.  What do you think? (I’ll include some more in the coming blogs) If you need any info, let me know I’ll share what I have.

See you next time !  Have fun and BE SAFE out there!




Surviving Grandparenthood

Hello again friends and welcome to “The Over 50 Corner”!

I think that I am pretty sure that, most of us are grandparents.  Am I right?

Now, take a moment and think back…did your grandparents treat you in the same manner you treat your grandkids?  Probably not, as their world was totally different than the world of today.

Their world was more stable.  Not much worry about global warming,  child molesters or crime in our neighborhoods.  We played outside with our friends until dark, rode our bikes without helmets and stood up in the back seat of our parent’s car without seatbelts!  And we survived!!  Yet, I would want to believe they loved us in the same manner we love our grandkids.

(In my case, my grandparents were not very loving individuals as they were “old” at the age of 60 and possibly just waiting for the “last bell to ring”.)

With this generation change came the different method of bringing up our own kids. It’s now an electronic age and artificial intelligence!  Our generation has a hard time setting up the DVR and “our” ways are from the age of the slide-rule.   Now, we see our children raising their kids with their own beliefs, thinking that their way is better.  It is their right to do it their way in the same manner that we thought it was our right to raise them, our way.

Should we give them our opinion on parenting?  Sure, but in a careful and loving manner.  (Not me…I was too strict.  I’ll let grandmom do it!)  Should it be, “Do as I do!” or “Do as I say!”?  My daughter always told me, “I’m not going to raise my kids the same way you do!” (and she isn’t!) My granddaughters have much more leeway than what I gave my kids.  Her home, her kids, her rules!

Yet, it’s true that when M. and I take the grand girls out, we spoil them a bit (not too much) and that’s not a bad thing.  I guess that’s expected of us as we don’t see them as often as we would like.  We try to plan a getaway jaunt with them every summer to do something or go somewhere their parents or paternal grandparents haven’t done or gone with them. Just something new!  We “try” to adjust to their “style” but, we find ourselves modernizing and easing up on our way of parenting, as not to disrupt our relationship.

Granddaughter #1 is now a teenager whose interests do not include spending too much time with grandparents. (We’ve been replaced, for the time being, by an iPad and iPhone) I must admit, I wasn’t too thrilled having to tag along when my parents visited my grandparents either!  Somewhere down the line, they’ll come back!  (She better make it quick ’cause, I’m not getting any younger!)  Granddaughter #2 remains accessible and agreeable to our visit or visiting us although, Grandmom is the main attraction.

We always make ourselves available to “child sit” whenever possible, as the distance between our homes makes it a 3 hour drive and an overnight minimum visit. But, as M. and I have lives of our own, when we can’t…we can’t.

So, if you live close to your kids, they might want you to stop what you are doing and babysit at a moment’s notice.  You have your own life to live so, if you’re busy or the timing is not right, don’t feel bad in saying “No”.  I can guarantee you, there will be many more times you will be asked.  You can also request advanced notice, too!

So, being a grandparent is not only a blessing but, a challenge as well!  Just how you meet that challenge will determine how you will be remembered.  Just love them and they will reciprocate in their own way!

Good luck!

Till next time, I’ll be here waiting for you at “The Over 50 Corner”!

Invite your friends to tag along with you on your next visit!

Take care !









My two cents of input…

Hello again friends !  Welcome back to The Over 50 Corner…a place where we gather to just talk about “stuff”!

Well, the topic of this week was hard to determine since, a few things have been going on that I feel would give you some “food for thought”.  So, I’ve decided on health and our personal economy.  So, I give to you…My two cents of input!

As we all know, the main topic on every news broadcast is the Flu epidemic.  I hope, as you read this, that you have not fallen to this horrific bug.  I call it “horrific” because we are the age group that, due to our body’s decreasing immunity to this type of illness, are mostly affected. Horrific, because many of the patients requiring hospital care, are 50 yrs old and above.  Unfortunately, many have not responded to the medical care received and have left the hospital feet first, if you know what I mean.

As a group, we need to make sure we stay healthy because, we may be the caregiver to our parents and maybe even to a sick grandchild that has been dropped off  by their parents, so they could go to work.  It’s a Catch-22 for us.  Be healthy, as not to contaminate and healthy, as not to be contaminated!  Now, I know I’ve said this before but, I’ll say it again…if you haven’t gotten your Flu shot yet, go get it today!  AND…if you know that your grandchild or any youngster hasn’t received their immunization, please mention it to their parents because, as of today, there have been 37 pediatric deaths caused by the Flu bug. 10 times more than all of last year’s Flu season. Emtire school districts  have been closed due to this illness. To think we have almost 2 months to go in this Flu season.

Ok, here’s my second gripe…during the last 2 weeks, 2 of my friends have lost their jobs due to the “re-organization” of their companies.  Nothing new here but, both of these friends have been with their respective companies for over 30 years!!  I repeat, 30 years of service!!  One company’s reorganization was due to mergers and buyouts; the other was due to declining profits.  Either way, don’t you think that an employee dedicating so much time to a particular company should, at least, be considered and given the opportunity to serve under another capacity? (Basically, neither was,) The loyalty given to the company was certainly not reciprocated!  The “sad” thing is, that both friends have years to go before they reach the “retirement” age.  Now what?  Will age become a factor in obtaining a new job?  I sure hope not! Both of these companies should really be ashamed to “dispose” of such an asset!

I’m through!  Whew!  That’s it for now, friends!  I’ll end this time with two recommendations…1) Get your Flu shot  and  2) Keep your resumé  updated, ’cause you never know!

Hope to see you next time, right here under the lamp post at “The Over 50 Corner”.

Take care and BE SAFE out there!  Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated and requested.  Share with your “over 50” friends, if you have any!!




You recommend a WHAT !!??

Hello again friends and welcome back to The Over 50 Corner!

I really do not know if the way the title of the blog is written projects the uneasiness and surprise of the question but, in this case, I will let you fill in the blank.  It may be to a friend, a plumber, a car mechanic or anyone else you may think of,

For me, it was my friendly doctor.  What he recommended was a procedure that starts with a “c” and ends with a “y” and has 4 “o”s !

Well, if you can’t figure it out, my friend, you are in deep trouble!

It’s the good “old-fashioned”  and dreaded, colonoscopy!

Yep! It was that time again!  Damn, those 5 years since the last one just flew by! (Notice all of the exclamation marks?  I am not kidding!)

Ok, the date is set and my mental state is deteriorating rapidly.

Moving forward…

Here we are…maybe I should say, here I am, the night before the morning to follow. Woe is me!

If you have had this procedure before, you know damn well what I am referring to.  If you have not…well, what can I say but, you’ll soon find out and…surprise!!!

People, especially doctors, there has to be a better way!

I was, literally, up (and down) all night!  I finally got some shut-eye at 4:15 am. I felt that I had been through an intestinal car wash at least a dozen times!  Now, I know how a baby feels when its diaper hasn’t been changed!  Like the “Disco Inferno” song says, “burn, baby, burn!”

Well, to make this long story shorter, thank goodness, all went well.  Follow-up in a few days with preliminary findings being that, no problems are evident.

This in one of the events that we, being over 50, must endure.  It really can be a life saver.  A good friend, my previous boss, never had this procedure done and it cost him his life!  The ironic thing was that, he sold his business, made millions, retired and shortly thereafter, passed away.  He did not enjoy the fruits of his hard work and he was only 65 yrs. old.  Sad…but, unfortunately, true.

So my friends, all I can say is…get checked out!  As my Army PT (Physical Training) Sergeant used to say, ” it only hurts for a little while”.  In this case, it’s the prepping and not the procedure.

Note: This is NOT the way you would want to lose 5 pounds!

Well, really can’t say that this week has been fun but, take care my friends and I hope to see you back here at “The Over 50 Corner”.

Please share this with your friends…it just might be food for thought or just a moment to smile at my discomfort and suffering!  Always looking for more readers!

Until next time…


Ps. Still wondering why the song, “I like big butts” was playing in the procedure room.



Apple, horse, Spain, shade, afternoon!

Hi friends!  Welcome back to The Over 50 Corner!  Hope that all of you had a great holiday and I hope that 2018 treats all of us better than 2017!

I would dare to assume that all of us, at one time or another, has had “a senior moment”.

That is when a person feels like a dummy for not remembering the name of someone we have met before.  Are we losing our mind? Are we headed for dementia or some other mental disease?  If this is true, then shoot me now!

Boy, am I glad it isn’t…at least that’s what the medical experts say. (But, they are all younger than me!)

Yet, it happens more than I would like it to.  So, what do I do?

If I know that we will meet again, I see that person as a famous personality that I know I would recognize anywhere.  Then, when I see him or her again, the association comes into play and my problem is solved. (Hopefully..)  I met Carlos and he became Carlos Santana, Larry became one of the three Stooges (I hope I don’t mistake him for Curly). Then, there’s Roger Rabbit’s girlfriend, Jessica  and so on…

The toughest part is at parties, where you meet new people. Why do they remember my name and I haven’t the slightest clue what their name is?  That’s when, “Hey fellow” or “Young lady” comes in handy.

Many articles that I have read suggest that a person should remain mentally active. How?  Well, how about crossword puzzles, learning another language or how to play a musical instrument?  They say to stay away from the TV.  So, where do I pick up Jeopardy or other Trivia programs?   (Scratch that one out!)  Pick up a good book on a subject or author that really interests you.  For me it’s Tom Clancy!  His books have so many different characters that you might have to write them down.  Who are they and what part do they play in the book? (All the Russian names really makes it difficult as they all end in “lov” or “nov”.)

Are you a sports fan?  Get a list of all the players on your favorite team and learn their names, numbers and what position they play!

Ok, quick, what is the capital of Maine?  Can you remember the words in the title of the blog?   Who sang, “What’s your name?”   (Go ahead and look it up if you don’t remember.)

So, don’t worry about it!  It happens and it will happen!  M. will not remember the name of a lady she once met but, she can tell you what shoes the lady was wearing!  I just don’t understand it!

I just hope you remember to come back to The Over 50 Corner next time!

Until then, take care of yourself and spread the word!







Naughty or Nice…Cookies or Straw?

Welcome back friends!

Well it’s that time of the year again!  Yep, the time that we threaten our grandkids with, ” Be nice and do what your mommy says, ’cause Santa is watching to see who is naughty or nice.”  There’s always that famous or maybe, infamous, “piece of black coal” that’s been handed down from generation to generation to be gift wrapped too!

Between you and me…does that really scare the kid?  And, would you really hold back that present that you bought for your grandchild that he or she wanted so badly for Christmas?  That would mean either, hold the present until their birthday in October or…go back to the store and stand in line for a couple of hours to get your refund.

Forget it!  Give it to the kid, who will be just as snooty tomorrow after getting what they wanted on Christmas morning! Let their parents handle it!

So much for that “Naughty or Nice” list and all that about Santa watching!  Your credibility is shot!  Nice try!

Ok, so what’s this cookies and straw bit?

Well, as you may know or for those who do not…Santa Claus came to us via Europe where he is known as St. Nicholas, Kris Kringle and Papa Noel among many other names.  But, just as we celebrate Christmas with Santa, the majority of the Latin Countries wait until the day the Magi arrived at the manger to deliver their gifts to the Christ child.  This is known as, you guessed it, Three Kings Day (Jan. 6th)!  This is when the gifts are received. In the same manner the children here in the U. S. leave cookies for Santa, the children in these Latin countries gather straw (or grass) and leave it for the wise men’s camels.

The situation at hand in our family is, that, as previously mentioned in my last posting, my nephew and his family have emigrated to the mainland from Puerto Rico.  The two girls in the family have always celebrated Three Kings Day. as most of the island does.  Since they are currently staying with my daughter D. and her family, Santa will definitely be paying them a visit. The question is, will the Magi show as well?  Should they gather the grass and leave it to feed the camels?  I am sure we’ll find out later.

Either way, the celebration of Christmas or Three Kings Day (Epiphany) should bring the love of family to all of them.

So, my friends, may the Love and Peace of this season be with you and your loved ones. Please remember that someone from above will be watching you so, be nice to one another!

Merry Christmas!

I would like to thank all those who take the time to read this blog and have sent me comments either by FB or this blog, they really are appreciated!  Also, Three Kings Day falls on the 12th day of Christmas!  So, now you know!








Is it our fault?

Hello again friends…sorry for the absence but, there have been quite a few things going on that have gotten in the way of my posting.

But, with that in mind. let me tell you what has been going on.

As you may know by my previous posts, I still have family in Puerto Rico living without the assurance that there will be electricity to light their home tonite.

Well, my daughter, D. and her family, has opened her home to my nephew, his wife and two daughters for their relocation to Cedar Park, Texas. The girls, 10 & 7 yrs. old, as expected,  are adjusting well with the help of my two granddaughters, which are almost the same age as they are.  To their mom and dad, again, as expected, this move has brought them challenges that need to be met so, not as easy for them. (Especially with the cold snap that just hit Texas yesterday vs. the tropical warm breezes of the Caribbean they are used to.)

To add to that, my son M. lives in Los Angeles, California where the forest fires are just on the other side of the mountain.  So, he says he has a bag packed on-the-ready in case he has to head “out-of-town” at a moment’s notice.

Ok, now for our subject…Is it our fault?

Time Magazine’s award to the “Me Too” movement is well deserved. This movement has opened the door to those who were victimized, giving them the courage to air their grievances and name names.  Maybe it’s just me but, I have noticed that all of the men accused of sexual harassment or inappropriate sexual behavior are in the over 50 age group.

You know the names so, there is no use in repeating them here.

Was it really the “unspoken” business culture that women, in order to advance in their field of endeavor, were to give in to the favor requests of their male superiors?

Apparently, yes.  But, why did these ladies wait until now to bring it to the light of day?  Why was it not shouted from the rooftops, that so-and-so subjected them to this unjustified behavior back then? Was it a conspiracy among men?  Well, there might be a few dozen answers to that.

One thing I am sure of is, it did not start in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s!  This started a long time before that!  The sad thing is that there are very few people from that era left to join in the conversation, to let us know what really went on back then.

Where or how did the male baby boomers learn this?  I sure didn’t!  Was it because the male was the “head of the household” and there were more housewives than women in the work place?  Was dad the first and last word at home?  Was “machismo” the understood law of the home and the office?

I know for a fact the “machismo” culture is alive and well in Latin and South America. As I was in charge of the Latin American division of the company I worked for, it gave me the opportunity to visit all but two countries in this region.  Yes, I saw it for myself.  The position that I held, gave me the authorization to set the rules and standards for our offices in these countries.  The first one written in stone was…No Machismo! They worked for an American firm and that behavior was not to be condoned!   No ifs, and’s or but’s!  Local customs were not meant for this office. Some learned and some did not! Those that did not, were soon gone!

Yet, here at home, more and more men over 50. in all walks of life, are being accused of acting badly… so, maybe, it is our generation’s fault.  Sad.

I would really like to know your opinion on this subject or any other you may think of.

Take care and I will attempt to make our next meeting a more humorous one.

See you next time at “The Over 50 Corner”